Friday, October 12, 2012

When It Rains It Pours

I should rename my blog,
"When It Rains It Pours".
And so it was a real pisser (sorry) of a week.
Monday......class for learning peritoneal dialysis.
Tuesday hubby wakes me up before
 3am with a bloody nose.
He said he thought his nose was running and 
when he turned on the light there was 
blood all over his pillow.
No matter what I tried I just couldn't get it to stop. 
By 3:30am we are in the ER.
2 hours later he was admitted to ICU.
I had to cancel day 2 of the classes and his 
appointment for his first chemo. 
Wednesday morning I stopped at the post office 
on my way to the hospital. When I came out
my car was dead. I walk across the street to the 
gas station and they give me a jump.
I make it a block away to the garage in another town,
 stop for the red light and my car dies again. 
Of course I am the first car at the light with traffic 
backed up behind me.
I am directing traffic while trying to call the garage.
A cop shows up and he takes over.
My buddies at the garage show up and get my car 
around the corner and to their shop.
They give me a loaner. 
I make it to the hospital by 11am 
at 1pm the doc says hubby can go home soon 
as the ENT sees him. Seven hours later he shows up.
2 days in the hospital, 2 units of blood, 4 units of platelets, 
a dose of IV iron and 3 does of IV antibiotics and we 
come home. It is 9pm and we have to be up at 4am 
for our trip to BG for his dialysis at 6am.
Classes were put on hold till this Monday, 
starting chemo is put on hold till Tuesday.
We are at dialysis and the gal comes out and 
tells me Baxter (the medical supply company) is 
at our house, they have a delivery of all the supplies 
we will be needing for the home dialysis, what should 
she tell him? Oh just great!!!!!! No one called me, 
I am 47 miles away at this point, 
so I tell her to tell him to leave the stuff in the 
back of hubby's truck. 
We come home and about fell over!!! 
The truck was piled with boxes, (no, I didn't get a picture 
of me pulling my last hair from my head!).
So we unloaded 39 boxes off the truck to the front porch,
from there into the house, then back in the bedroom.
Our bedroom now resembles a warehouse. 
The boxes are heavy and mind you, my hubby 
just got out of the intensive care unit, 
so yes, I did 85% of the lifting and hauling.
My sciatic nerve is killing me!!!
I am changing my name to JOB!



  1. What to say.... what a week. Know we have you in our thoughts and prayers. You did an amazing JOB hanging in there this week. I don't know where you find the strength. Blessings for some peaceful moments this weekend, Kate

  2. Dear Susannne - I'm sending you so many comforting hugs, and I will keep you both in my prayers. Take care and I hope you'll be able to find some time to rest. :)

  3. It really was a terrible week for you. Hoping and praying that things get much better over the coming days.
    Carol xx

  4. Oh dear...and I thought I had a bad week! You remind me that my troubles are nothing. I wish I lived someplace close to you and could help you somehow! The fact that you have any hair left on your head is miraculous. Isn't it interesting how we step through it when there is no other choice. Later, we look back upon it and wonder how we did it. Sending you cyber hugs and prayers for strength and patience. So sorry the path is so tough to walk right now. xoxo, Annette

  5. Praying for you and your hubby and family at this trying time. I know that Job had many trials but in the end, God blessed him ten fold :) Big Hugs, Cat

  6. Thank you all for just being there for me. I know that none of you are close by, but just having some friends to vent to and to be able to blow off a little steam is unburdening. I don't like turning my blog into a spot where I depress everyone, but such is life and these seem to be the cards I have been dealt at present. Years ago I wondered why I got the crazy idea to become a nurse. I guess God knew I would need that knowledge for the later years so I could take care of my husband. He told me today that if it wasn't for me his life would be over. I believe that works both ways. This is all overwhelming.

    1. You are there for each other, your love will help keep you both strong. Thinking about you. Carol xx

  7. I am so sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help you out. Just know you are in my prayers and sending lots of big hugs to you and your husband. Hugs..and hugs and even more hugs..

  8. Sweet Susanne, I am so sorry you and your husband are going through such a rough time. It must be so frightening. I can only imagine. I'm praying for you both. I hope this weekend is more peaceful for you. Hugs.

  9. Susanne, not only is it pouring I think a hurricane has hit! I am so sorry that you had such a horrendous week. But I am glad your husband is out of the hospital, and that you can start to move forward. I am sending you both a big hug,
    hang in there sweet friend.

  10. Susanne, I am sorry for your bad week. Though I am not nearby My mind is always around. Thinking of you and pray for you all. You are a Nightingale to safe guard your husband. Your care certainly great help to him who appreciates much. Wish you all on track now. Love from Hong Kong ~.~

  11. Hi Susanne, so sorry to hear about your week. Do you have someone to help you? Goodness! You're very strong. Hang in there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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