Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thank You Friends!

I just wanted to stop in and tell those of you who 
left a comment on my last post
I realize that not every waking moment of one's 
life can be filled with calm and happiness.
I do realize that sometimes it just takes a 
kind word to someone to lift their spirits.
I think know blogging friends are one notch above 
because they really don't know you personally, 
but yet they offer up words of caring and encouragement. 
I know a lot of you have your own burdens to carry 
and for that I say we are all in this life together,
and we all benefit from kind hearts and 
soft words of caring.
It is often hard to let yesterday's troubles 
right where they need to be, in the past, and to move 
on to the new day and make the best of it.
I keep telling myself it is all a part of God's plan.
I may not like it, but then I am sure he isn't always 
liking me when I complain.
So today I move on, and take what comes.
I am a lucky woman, I have a wonderful 
husband who loves me and I love him.
I have a wonderful family.
I have some good friends I have known 
for years and many 
good blogging friends who visit me here. 
You all remind me of a bunch of flowers.
You are all lovely souls and I couldn't ask for 
a better group of beautiful friends.
I am blessed, what more could I want.


  1. You're very welcome Susanne - we'll be here when you need us. ((hugs)) :)

  2. That is why I am happy I started blogging - it gives you a worldwide circle of love and support -- how cool is that!? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing your burden with us so we can pray for you and your husband and send you positive thoughts to get through this very difficult time. You always take the time to be part of our lives, you should expect nothing less than that from all of us. Sweet, wonderful Susanne, give yourself a hug and know that your husband is very lucky to have you right by his side through this journey.

  4. Susanne, I know you've to brace everyday. GOD is guiding you and leads you the right path. I pray with you always. My heart with you.


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