Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's Happening Here

Not much is happening here.
I haven't had time to take any pics to share
but will soon as I get a free moment.
I do have a package arriving in the next week 
or two from Australia.
I am so excited, my Little Jenny Wren 
doll will be arriving and I am as 
pleased as punch. I have been waiting 
a longgggggg time.
Also that new blanket I started a couple of posts 
ago, I have been taking it with me and working on it.
While I was in the waiting room at the
dialysis center, waiting for my hubby to get finished 
with his treatment, someone asked me what I 
planned to do with it. I told them 
either keep it or sell it. They said, Well, if you 
decide to sell it I want to buy it!"
So how about that!
What a pleasant surprise.
Now I really have to get busy and get it done.
I will take a photo soon and share it 
with all of you. I have also been saving and 
donating the foil lids from Yoplait Yogurt 
for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help 
with breast cancer research. 
Each specially marked lid is worth 10 cents, 
not much, but it does all add up and every little 
bit helps toward finding for the cure. 
You can go right online and list the 
codes found inside the lids. You will 
find the internet address there as well.
Hope all is well with you.


  1. How excited to have a potentia buyer already. Do wish to have a look of the finished. My prayer to your husband as always.

  2. How exciting to have a buyer for your blanket...even more to be expecting happy mail! {{hugs}}

  3. Hi Susanne. That's very good that someone wants to buy your blanket. It's such a great feeling when our work is appreciated. Sending all my best to your hubby. :)

  4. How exciting that someone wants to buy the blanket, that must have made your day. Hang in there, I know this is a rough time.
    Sending you a hug,

  5. Always so nice when you stop by to visit..I look forward to hearing from you. Stash busting it's a good thing, because it gives you an opportunity to buy more...LOL...looking forward to seeing your next project...I'm a wee bit behind in my projects/pics hope to get a few done this evening....blessings for your day my friend....:) where do you live in Ohio, North, East, South or West....?

  6. Another of your beautiful creations almost sold! Wow,,,Good for you. Give Roger a hug for me and as always TONS of hugs to you, Jeanie

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your blanket-- it must be amazing!! You are a treasure to save those yougurt lids for donations!

  8. I'd love to see that beautiful blanket too! I didn't know about the yogurt lids. What a great way to help! xo Paulette :)


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