Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Camera/First Photos

This is the first time and my feeble attempt
with my new camera, but I am excited!!!
I want to make these pictures X-large for the blog but that would mean doing a different layout for the pages, grrrrrrrrrr!

 I think this photo was the prettiest of the whole lot. Tell me what you think.
 As you can see I am going to need a lot of practice
but have come to the conclusion that I will be having some fun
in the process.
I was a bit disappointed because it is now so late in the year that there wasn't too many interesting subjects to pick on in my back yard. The flowers are all but spent, but I did find these poke berries. 
The birds love them, but the droppings are messy and leave stains.
I should look into whether the berries could be used as a dye.

 Then there was my little patch of hens and chickens. Not one bit camera shy.

There was also the tiny hens and chicks with a nice big dandy lion weed growing in their midst.
(Mental note to self, need to do something about those weeds)

There is still some splendor among 
the flower pots 
that have 
seen better days. 
Even though the dead seed pods remain I got a fairly good shot of the marigold variety that I love the best. 
Not a year goes by that I don't have these pretty little flowers in my yard or pots to brighten up the place.
And that is about it for my first try with the camera. I love, love, love it! I am determined to get better as time goes by. Thanks to all of you for your offers to help and all the encouragement to press on and have some fun. My husband suggested we take a bit of a road trip sometime this week and find some interesting things to take pics of. It sounds like a winning idea to me. 
Next pics will be of the last AF blanket that I finished weeks ago but need to block a bit. That should be very colorful and a great subject.
Until then all of you have a great weekend. ♥


  1. I think you are doing a fabulous job. Keep up the great work, a road trip sounds wonderful. I bet Autumn is showing all its glory in your neck of the woods, so the pictures will be beautiful.
    Good Luck,

  2. Great first job. Isn't having a new camera so much fun. I see you have added a border too. Excellent. Just keep playing around you will get the feel of it in no time.

  3. Your pics are really good. Digital cameras are great for playing around with. You can't make a mistake, I don't think. If you don't like the picture, or if it's blurry - delete it! I love playing with the settings on mine.


  4. Your photos are wonderful! Very crisp and sharp! ♥

  5. I love your photos Sue! Even the poke berries look wonderful (for a weed LOL)! You are going to be able to take wonderful photos. Love ya, Jeanie


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