Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving In The Right Direction

Yes, I am working on learning my camera,
Yes, I have taken 5 photos,
Imagine that!!!!!
Will I post the pics, oh no, they were taken of family  members
who will not speak to me again for snapping,
snapping, and snapping again pictures of people not prepared
to have their pictures taken in an impromptu
photo shoot.
I love how the camera will automatically focus, 
how the flash will pop up if I need more light.
I need to do that thingy where you get your pc to recognize 
your camera so you can download from the memory card.
I was so hoping to go outside and take a pic of that spider web that 
shows up on dewy mornings, all glistening of moisture.
I was hoping to get a pic of a bug or two.
I wish I would have had the camera ready last week 
when I had loaded garden brush in the wheel barrel to be burned along with tree and shrub trimmings........
I had scooped those dried things up with bare hands and my hubby
had then picked them out of the wheel barrel with his gloved hands to throw them on the fire.
I saw something looking out of the wheel barrel and it was a little SNAKE!
I said, "Is that a snake?" 
Yep, it was! What a great missed opportunity for me to get a pic.
See, at this point I am willing to take a picture of just about anything, just for the joy of knowing a bit more than the
"ON/OFF" button. 
Soon as it stops raining around here I will go out and have some fun, and my next post won't be so darn boring. I know everyone loves pics.


  1. Susanne, my camera and I are still working things out. I bought this one so I could get action shots of my son swimming, but all I get is splashes. We have a love/hate affair. Good luck.

  2. Have fun playing with your camera. I love mine. I don't deal with snakes very well.

  3. I can't wait to see your first shot with the new camera. Remember, just snap away. I use Picasa and then Picnik which are F.R.E.E. to do my editing in. I think I did upgrade space and features a while back but not too pricey for the year over all. I pretty much pull my camera in and lot to the P.C. then just open Picasa and it loads them there. Once you get to that point play around with the edits. Let me know if you need any help, but it's pretty much just practicing with it.

  4. We sure do love pics! Practice, practice and more practice. I won't say it makes perfect. But you learn something every day on the camera.


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