Saturday, October 15, 2011

Look What I Found

Okay, so I am cruising around the web, 
out for an evening stroll you might say, 
and what do I find but this......

It is called Field of Flowers and the pattern can be found on Etsy
and the shop owner is Ruecatt. I hope she does not mind that I posted her pic on my blog. I'm thinking I am giving her a bit of free advertising and so that would be okay. 
(The pattern is a $3 download, PDF format.)
Now get this, a few months back I was brain storming and wondering what I could do with all my small itty bitty scraps of yarn and I was thinking a plain blanket with tons of little crocheted flowers and leaves all over it would be something different, I've not seen anyone do one of those......
evidently I was loosing while I was snoozing cause here is one right under my nose!!!
Yeah, my mouth dropped to the floor and then 
I remembered this........

..........and this.........

I had bought these books specifically to embellish my
"original" blanket.
Well, so much for original, I would feel a bit like a copycat now. 
Anyways, Ruecatt has one lovely blanket and so to stimulate the economy and give her some business I bought the pattern. 
It is really no big deal that I didn't come up with the pattern first. There are no doubt several others floating around and I am just a Susie come lately, lol......happy crocheting. ♥
P.S. The book pics I took with the new camera. I love it!


  1. That is a pretty blanket - have fun creating it. :)

  2. Wow..Can hardly wait to see what you come up with.

  3. What a great idea, I love the blanket. I have Nicky Epstein's book and I love it. I can't say I have made a lot from it, I just love looking at it.
    Hugs to you,

  4. That quilt really is gorgeous! And the books look good...great photos with your new camera! ♥ Enjoy the week ahead! ♥

  5. Why would she mind. It is so beautiful and full of color. How fun a new camera is. Yeah!!

  6. That blanket is pretty neat! It will be fun to work on.

  7. Your camera is great, but I think it's the photographer that is getting better and better each day. Isn't it funny how we buy so many nice books that we "just have to have" and then rediscover them after we see someone else with the reason we purchased the book in the first place? I am certainly guilty in that respect!!!

  8. The quilt of flowers is so pretty and feeling warm with it. Would love to see yours, must be gorgeous. Your captures with new camera are great and focus sharp. I'm a blind of new gadgets. I only can use digital auto ones. Need to learn. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Happy crafting.

  9. You will put your own mark on that blanket and it will be equally beautiful, can't wait to see it when its finished.



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