Saturday, October 22, 2011

Catching My Breath

I know, I know, I have promised at least 2 times now to show you the second AF blanket.....honestly, I will, I just need to get busy and block it a won't be too much longer (I hope).....
In the meantime here is what is going on in my little corner 
of the world......
Yesterday....I decided to make spaghetti and meatballs.....
now wouldn't ya know it, I am up to my elbows, mixing all the ingredients with my hands and what do I hear coming from outside but some kind of buzzing, well like an engine of some sort and it is getting louder. Now we do live close to a small airport, and we do have a neighbor who has a small helicopter, but this was something I have heard before but just couldn't put my finger on it......I ran to the back window and OH MY!!!!!! It was the GOODYEAR BLIMP, right over top of my house!!!!!!

I am seeing it close up and personal and this is not the first time mind you, it has been around here several times in the past, only this time it is different, I have that super dooper new camera and crap! I need to wash my meatball hands, there is no way I can grab my camera with meatball goop all over my hands! So I run to wash them fast, fast, fast and go grab my camera, and in my haste I forget that I do not have that big long lens on it to telescope stuff far off, and by the time I got out on the deck you can see how far away that big flying cigar was! What a disappointment, a missed opportunity. I am even surprised I had the sense to remove the lens cover cap :(
I am quite the brain child here. 
 Later that evening I got busy and made up a batch of apple jelly. I am saving you the agony of photos of the mess I made.
It was around 9:30pm when I was ladling that sweet treat into jelly jars. No big top secret, just follow the directions on the SureJel box and you have it made.
Today it was a different story, my subjects were still life and not moving, (unless I rearranged them). During the night I could hear the "ping" of lids sealing. I love that sound :)
And now, for that Ta Da moment.....I will show off how pretty my jelly turned out.......

 This will be tasting sooooooo good when there is toast or biscuit around. And my camera, I just love it more each day. These 3 pics turned out pretty good and made up for all the disappointment I felt over that dang blimp :) I just love how the light shines through the jelly. In case you are wondering how it turned out that rosy pinkish color......Johnathon Apples, the skins are left on when you cook down the apples. Last year I took a jar to the gal who sold me the apples. She asked me how I got the jelly so pretty pink. She raises all kinds of fruits and never made any jelly from her Johnathon Apples. I wish I could share a jar with all of my blog friends. Until next time, have a wonderful weekend. Strap your camera around your neck and don't miss the opportunity for the "BIG ONE"


  1. Hey now, I see the blimp, how fun! The jelly is pretty and yep, the "pings" are truly special-enjoy:@)

  2. Susanne, we see the blimp a couple of times a year here in Florida. There is the Outback Bowl, The Transitions Golf Tournament, several Bucs games and a car race in St.Pete. The airport it flies to must be on the path by my house because we get to see it coming and going, it is so much fun. I love the jelly and you are right the color is amazing. have a lovely Sunday,

  3. Well, I will wait to see you blanket now that I know you have been making Spags and Balls along with some yummie jelly. Great idea to leave that skin on for the pink-ness. Watch out about that camera while cooking, it can be dangerous as I have ended up with many a sauce close to crisis. Glad to see you are having fun with it.

  4. How cool to see the blimp - I've never seen one so close. :)

  5. Susanne, Saw your comment about Ohio weather on Lynn's blog. I'm a Buckeye and live in Dayton. There are quite a few of us who have met each other both in person and we get together every so often. Most of the girls live in the central part of the state but we meet up at barn sales, for thrifting, lunch, book signings, etc. Just last week I met two girls that live in the Dayton area. Small world! Anyway, glad to meet ya. I have a pic of the blimp as it flew over our house-luckily my hands weren't full of ground beef! LOL
    ~ Sue


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