Thursday, December 30, 2010

Peace Of Mind

Here I am again, up late. My intention is for this place to be a happy one where everyone who comes here will enjoy their stay and come back. Forgive me, but yesterday was not a good day for a loved one who is having health issues, and so now I worry. My medicine of choice is to stay busy. I can lose myself in my needlework and so I decided to pull out some baby yarn, a crochet hook, pinned down a fairly easy pattern for something bigger than a breadbox, but manageable. I found a pretty pattern, a baby blanket that is done in a simple shell stitch. Oh I know, you might think that is just too boring, but believe me, right now I need the simplicity, because every now and then my mind will snap back to reality and how "life is what happens when you have planned something else." As soon as time will allow, I will post a pic of this project, in the meantime I will try and think positive thoughts......after all the glass is half full, is it not........Peace to all, God is good   :)


  1. We all need "simplicity" in our lives. I think that anything we make with our hands is wonderful and relaxing (to us) and thoughtful and a gift to whomever we make it for. I made my grandaughter Hannah who is 7 going on 15 a neckwarmer to match one I made for her mom. It was so wonderful to see her reaction to it..."OMG, mom just like yours" and of course I had to finally tell her to take it off before eating dinner LOL. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope in the years to come that all my gifts are received in that way. Time will tell I guess, but since I can't go thru a day without working on something, I know at least I am doing something that makes ME and at least one of my grandkids happy LOL...

  2. Thank you Mimi cute the name your grand kids gave you. Thank you sweet friend for stopping by. I bet the expression on your grand daughter's face was the best present for you when she saw the neck warmer you made her. That is what makes Christmas special and the other occasions when someone took the time to make a gift :)


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