Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's All New To Me

I have decided to take the leap and try my hand at blogging. My first thoughts were can I really do this and is there anything that I can contribute that anyone will even want to read? I do hope what I post is helpful to others. I guess no one really knows unless they get their feet wet, so sink or swim, here I am. I discovered the "blog" about 2 months ago while having another night of insomnia. My travels on the internet lasted until about 5am as I went from one spot to another, like an addict I entered the labyrinth of blogs written by so many creative souls. I will admit it started with Lucy and her Attic24 site. Such a nice place to visit. From her site I went willy nilly for hours and bookmarking so many things I thought for sure my computer would crash. I was hooked! I passed my husband in the hallway as I drug myself towards the bedroom and he headed for the kitchen. "He knows I am crazy now", I thought to myself. My loving husband of 40 years, father of our two grown daughters, the one who has watched me crochet, knit, quilt and do so many other things (including rip out stitches). As the yarn flows through my fingers it connects to the strings of my heart......all those homemade items, labors of love, things for our home, gifts for family and friends. So I will end this first posting and work on getting this blog off on the right foot. There is so much for me to learn and figure out. God Bless You...wishing a safe and Happy New Year to you all :)

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