Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Winding Down

When I was young I did not worry about time. Special occasions always took forever to arrive. I noticed time went into full speed ahead when my daughters graduated from college and moved away from home. Although there was places to go and times to be there, I never gave much thought that I was getting older in the process. One great thing about the empty nest is that maybe you can be blessed to have some fun and do what you want to do for the remainder of your days. It is a race against the clock to accomplish it all.....impossible for me. First off I have this sewing room, aka craft room, that if I left you see it you would swear I was one of those people that you see on the show "The Hoarders". This room use to belong to my oldest daughter and I moved right in after she moved out, lol. I amazed myself by being able to fill up the closet with "stuff" and eventually it gravitated to the remainder of the room. I have organized and straightened this mess up numerous times only to find myself once again making a mess when I have to dig around for what I need for the present project. Alas, there is a path to this desk leading to the door. It is a wonder I have not had to lay out a trail of bread crumbs to find my way out of here. I would post a pic but I would put myself to shame. Oh, I am sure I am not the only one who can boast of chaos in a craft room. I swore I would not make New Year's resolutions to break, but this is one promise I will keep and it is to busy myself with making this room neat. There is a method to my madness. On another note I have been trying to learn how to work my husband's camera and post pics. It is a SONY Cyber-shot and takes good pics when the person who is operating it knows what the heck they are doing. So forgive me for pics that aren't magazine worthy. I am is a peek of the baby blanket that I am presently working on.

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