Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lunch With Friends & Sally's Church

It has been over a year since I have seen and had lunch with these 2 characters, Sally on the left, Sandy on the right. I have known them both for about 40 years. They are sister-in-laws, they married brothers. Originally they are from a little town outside of Dayton Ohio. When their husbands found work in NW Ohio they moved north. I got acquainted with them when our husbands all worked afternoon shift at Whirlpool Corporation and the men bowled the Night Owl League after they got off of work. Sally was trying to get pregnant and so was I. She was married about 10 years before she had her first child and I was married 6 years. We both named our first born Rachael (I swear she stole my baby name, lol). Sandy is quite the  trooper. She became a widow many years ago and single-handedly raised her 3 children. Life has not been easy for her, yet she is so sweet and kind, always a friend to everyone.


We met at Twin Lakes Golf Course for lunch on Wednesday. I was really proud of myself for remembering to take my camera along, leave it to me to forget to take a pic of the outside of the place, but of course I had no trouble remembering to jump right in and dig into the food. Then it dawned on me that I had the camera and this Chef Salad was so yummy to look at and the poppy seed salad dressing was very good. Do you know that if you are to be tested for drug use, like a urine test for a job, that if you have had poppy seed dressing you will test positive for drugs? I learned that years ago when going to Weight Watchers. They had a delicious poppy seed dressing and the instructor warned us about it. I thought it was worth mentioning even though the subject might not be so appetizing when discussing food. But nurses never have a problem eating and discussing things that would turn a normal person's stomach while eating....guess I'm not normal.

Now forgive me on this one, both the friends had the tossed salad and before yours truly had enough sense to put down her fork she remembered that she needed to snap a pic of their salads. It was rather senseless to take 2 pics of the same salad. I think you get the gist of the thing. It did look a lot prettier when it arrived at the table.

Sandy had the Pulled Pork Sandwich which she said was really good. It did look scrumptious.

Sally had the Lake Erie Perch sandwich. I was so busy cramming my salad in my mouth that I realized I hadn't taken a picture of her sandwich, so she rearranged her food to make it look better, not that it wasn't good mind you, it just looked a little worse for wear after she had been eating on it. We were laughing about it, and I told them if someone comes and asks me why I was taking pictures of the food I would tell them I was a food critic for a magazine, lol. I will say we got in many laughs and had a wonderful time. We are all so busy that time spent together is precious.

Now for the conclusion of this post. Sally is taking art classes and I believe she said they are working with water colors now. She is really quite good from what I have seen of some of her work. She loves this stone church, and brought pictures of it along to our lunch. When she saw my camera she asked me if I would do her a favor and go take a picture of it for her. I did, but mind you, I was standing on the other side of the State Route (4-lane highway, truck route) to get these shots.

Her next painting will be of this church. So I got these 2 photos and got them developed at Walmart. The pictures turned out so dark it looks like an overcast day and gloomy. One would never guess they were taken on a bright sunny day. I was so disappointed. She will be coming this morning to get the pictures. I told her how they turned out and I have no clue why, that they were a disappointment. But when I downloaded the pictures to my pc and added them to this post they look pretty go figure. I am going to try and print them off for her and if it works will she be surprised. I know I sure was.

Hope all of you have a safe and great 3-day weekend. Can you believe this is the end of August already? Where has the time gone? God Bless You All. Keep the Faith ♥


  1. Glad you had a great time at lunch with your friends. Years ago, my Mom used to eat poppy seed bagels for breakfast before work and one day they had a random drug test and she tested positive. She was very upset - she thought she would lose her job, but everyone there knew she didn't take drugs. I thought it was funny. :)

  2. Good friends are a life line!!!! Lovely lunch! Have a good weekend!
    XO Kris

  3. Nice that you were able to get out with some old friends. It's good therapy for the soul to be with people who have known you for years. (Not that you need therapy. heh-heh.) That's a pretty old church. I think your pictures look great.

  4. Hi Susanne, what cute and wonderful friends you have!! Your salad looks yummo! I copied your photo and did some enhancing and photoshopping.. and sent it back to you, hope that helps.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. How lovely to spend time with two terrific friends. I love that you had a great time chatting and eating yummy food.


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