Thursday, August 7, 2014

Google Search Results Upsetting

Today I was babysitting my grandson. I always take my iPad with me. I don't do anything with my blog unless I use my pc. I did a Google search on the iPad for my blog "forget me not susanne blog" and about 10 related things come up for me but I noticed something definitely WRONG.....a couple lines below the bold print of my blog, for all those 10 related things to my blog name, it says "by Sue Pinner" many of us know who Sue Pinner is, she is the blogger for "Suz Place", she is an accomplished designer of crochet and has actually published a book on crochet. She lives in England. Sue is even on my side bar of blogs I love and I have visited her many times and commented occasionally. She also has "The Flower Bed" blog site to which I also belong. My full name is on my account when I search there. So where on earth did they get Sue Pinner as the one who writes my blog?

Now what to do. I would rather take a beating then have to go into the "HELP". It gets a body no where and of course all the topics that they seem to think are the most common are not what you are looking for. It is days like this that I just want to stop the blogging all together, no matter how much I enjoy it. Can life just be simple, just once. This December it will be 4 years since I started blogging and I have never before seen someone else's name listed for my blog. I guess I should be flattered. Now Sue, heaven only knows how she will feel.


  1. That's really weird - I wonder why it's like that. I've googled my blog before and some things came up that didn't have anything to do with it. Weird. :)

  2. Susanne, don't worry. I am sure Sue Pinner would think it is funny, she appears to have a great sense of humor. I have never goggled my blog or name, if I did there would probable be a whole lot there I don't want to see.
    Hugs and thank you so much for your kind words about my son's surgery.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You better not stop blogging. I may have to come after you!!
    xo Kris

  4. Blogger exasperates me ! I am not really surprised that something like that has ocurred with the mix up of your name! Every so often my blog roll disappears and then appears again with half of my followers missing. As I use my blog roll more than anything to keep up with my followers I find it extremely annoying having to reinstate all each time. Like yourself I find the "help" is no help!!

    keep well
    Amanda :-)
    PS:Mediterranean giveaway now open

  5. I totally agree with Kris. It is just that Sue Pinner's blog is now connected to yours due to your sidebar. If you did an image search of your blog, your photos may appear, but with someone else's blog url attached...that simply means they have you on their sidebar with photos, or they commented on that particular post.

    It really is the least of worries, really. I have had my former blogs hacked, no idea why as I am a small blog. But stuff happens. For example: type in my old blog...gentlethoughtsofhomemaking blog, click images. The first and fouth photo are my actual photos, but one was pinned, and another shows up as Rhonda's url. It simply means that that photo probably showed up on her sidebar. Photos associated with gentlethoughts not pretty such the rest there, are because I commented on that post that had those photos on another's blog.

    Same thing with my new blog simplegifts365. Many other blogs fall under mine. because I have commented on know that old paper trail thingy, except now everything we do can be traced on the internet. I shocked my husband one night when I showed him his internet trail.

    I hope that is clear. It just a more ways to bring traffic to your blog, even if you don't want it. Then we all should just stop not.
    blessings, jill
    hopped over here from Rhonda's If you do stuff

  6. Hehehe, saves me writing a. Log then lol......not sure what you have done that I am being credited for but I'm sure it's all marvellous and I am very happy to me mixed up with you, it am not worried about it but understand you might want to be know for your hard work!
    Hope it was something very exciting 'cos I lead a very woolly life if it were to be told,.
    Huge hugs Sue xx
    Ps sorry don't know how to get Google to change it or why it has happened even x

  7. Just read the above comment and I agree it's probably because of the addition of me on side bar.....if I google myself I get stuff from all sorts of people sometimes, I'm not worried about it so hopefully you won't be either x

  8. Hi, oops just seen all the mistakes in my comment...I blame the iPad it does try to think for you and makes some horrible mistakes sometimes, lol
    Glad you aren't so unhappy about the Google blunder as you were.
    Hugs x

  9. You might find this helpful. It explains how to get yourself properly attributed as your blog's author.!topic/blogger/47HdJPrDayE

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