Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have just spent about 2 hours writing a post, mainly because I added about 5 photos and it took awhile to download them. 
I always proof read before I publish, but saw a couple of errors and went back to correct them. 
I again published them.
How frustrating to see the post was gone and when I went back in the history to try and find it, no finished post, looked in the saved draft, nope, no luck, but I did find where I had previewed the thing long before I had added the photos. 
I don't think I like this new set up with blogger.
I have been blogging for over a year now and certainly know what I am doing when it comes to composing, previewing and publishing. 
Anyone else out there having similar problems? 
It is almost 2:30am.....I'm headed for bed! 


  1. Frustrating alright...I feel for you Susanne!

    I've had that happen to me if I'm writing a looong email. By the time I hit send..I've been logged out! Grrr! And once I log back in again the email I wrote has gone *poof* So not fair! I've learnt to save long emails now before pushing buttons as a result. But blogging...no..I've been fortunate that if any problems arise it (blogger)has saved it so I can go back to what's there and add/change or whatever.

  2. Since blogger has switched over I can not seem to follow new blogs I like, not sure what that is all about. Hope all is going well with your husband, good luck on Friday.

  3. That sucks! I haven't had this happen in blogger, but, as Julia said above, I've lost long emails before! Finally started composing in Word and then copying and pasting the text so as not to lose it! There's nothing worse! Sorry you had it happen to you! The frustration seems to be made worse by being tired and wanting to just accomplish it before heading off to bed! You're tired and you just want to get it done and then poof! Arrrrgggggh!

  4. Me again...as an FYI...my blogger listing of recent posts shows a post from you "Someone Put a Hex on Me"...and the first few sentences are legible, but when I tried to open it, it's not there. Is that what you were trying to publish? Funny, there must have been a glitch...it posted but was then removed for some reason. Just thought I'd let you know. Don't know if that helps or not...or makes it even MORE frustrating!

    1. Yep, that was it, the HEX post, a long one with about 5 pics is suppose to be there....and yet when I go to my list of postings it isn't even listed.

  5. Blogger gives me the most problems with 'following'. I can't seem to follow new to me blogs and sometimes some of them disappear and then reappear days later. I'm also having a little bit of trouble leaving comments on some blogs. Very irritating.

  6. Oh, no, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Don't you hate that. I have done that before too. And yes, the best thing to do is go to bed, even at noon. LOL. I haven't really had much probably since I switched over to Google Chrome. As I found out over the weekend up in WI, that my laptop had not been switched yet either. So, I'm off to catch up around B-land today. Do you use Picasa and Picnik too for storage and photo uploading. How you figure out what happened and be sure to keep us posted. By the way, yuck-ie weather here today and I think it's on it's way to you too. Boo-Hoo.

  7. Hi Susanne,

    I do have funny, frustrating things happen with blogger at times.
    The most probs have usually been in leaving comments on peoples post, and then the comment disappears.


  8. Oh how annoying/upsetting to say the least.
    Apparently there was an "update" to Blogger last week which is causing several problems. I am ok posting but can't comment on blogs which have an "embedded" comment form as against a "box". It is so frustrating.
    I've only been blogging for a couple of months, I tend to keep "scooping" the draft into Word whilst I'm working just in case it goes astray. I tend to read through, don't bother with preview, post and, if there are any errors, edit the post. So far it works ok for me.
    Carol xx

  9. I tried the new blogger interface then went straight back to the old one. I get on better with that and don't have trouble loading photos etc.

    I'm thinking of you with your stresses with hubbys health and hope things keep going along well.

    Cheers - Joolz


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