Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wanting To Rip Out My Hair!

If it wasn't so late in the day I would head back to bed.
Sometimes I think, no I know, that owning
a pc can be the most frustrating thing a 
person can own. Oh sure someone out there is
thinking, "it isn't the pc honey, it is the person 
sitting in the chair in front of it!"


I would be the first to admit that I am not a brain child 
when it comes to a computer. My one brother would say, 
"you are one sandwich short of a picnic."
I say, I am on my second one and have been around the block (head).
He would laugh and say, "that is why I have never owned a pc,
look how worked up you are getting."

So with my ignorance I come to the only people I can depend on,
those who know first hand my plight. 
Those who laugh with me and not at me.
Here is what old stupid me did.....

I decided to liven up my blog a bit, 
I was going to add some pics to my header,
I went into the spot where you mess up, fix up
alright, I mean beautify my blog , and yes, I 
messed it up. I somehow lost the TITLE and 
although it remains in the space provided for it,
the dang thing (resolution, no cussing) is still not on the Header.
I erased it, and typed it in the space, thinking
that I just needed to redo it, 
ha, ha, ha, now why would that work?
No luck, so I am really mad at myself right now 
and so mad I could chew some nails.
I would kick myself in the butt, but I can't reach it. 
I would ask my husband to give me a kick, 
but he would oblige. 
I don't need a sore behind, then I couldn't sit here
and torture myself like this. 
I wish I had some Ben & Jerry's!
Adding a resolution: Leave well enough alone, you are not a computer geek, there is no EASY button, remember that. 


  1. Isn't it frustrating?

    Did you check the placement on the Header Configuration Box?

    Good luck!

  2. aaah...bless-ed technology! Some times the more I try to "fix" something...the worse I make it. {{hugs}} I am praying you get a "light-bulb" moment, Susanne!!


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