Friday, January 27, 2012

Hooking in Cleveland - Similar Bonds

Last week my husband had to be in Cleveland,
starting on Friday
4 days in a row to receive an injection.
That involved 4 hour round trips to and from.
Then on Monday we left for 4 more days for harvesting his stem cells and more shots.
They got 5 million cells in 2 days.
Each day he was hooked to a large machine that circulated 
his blood, separating the components, while an IV 
replenished lost fluids. It is an 8 bed unit.
Family is not allowed to stay.
Once the patient is settled into the bed 
family leaves to wait the 4 hours of collection.
No worry, I had my yarn to occupy my hands, 
And so I was pumping out the first 2 rows of my new hexes 
and loving it, being lost in my thoughts and silently 
counting my stitches.
A few people stopped and asked me what I was making.
Even a older gentleman by the name of Frank, 
who was swiffer cleaning the floor. He said what I was doing
brought back memories of his momma.
I told him why I was there.
He said he was a prostrate cancer survivor, 
and he also said he was a Vietnam Vet. 
I congratulated him on his beating cancer, 
I thanked him for his service.
It is times like this that make me a bit tearful.
He gave me a hug. 

We are all tied together by a common thread, each thread is a part of a woven cloth that makes up humanity.
It does not take but a minute or two to let others know you care.
Sometimes we are walking the same road and unaware, and circumstance can bring us together as we cross paths.
How many people walk past us who we do not know
or will never see again?
How many share a similar bond,
yet we are unable to see 
their troubles and they do not know ours?
That same morning 
two women stood with us while waiting for a shuttle bus 
that was to take us to the main clinic building.
After a few minutes of chatting we discovered they lived in a 
neighboring town close where we live.
The one woman knew my sil, and she had gone to school 
with my husband's cousin.
(It surely is a small world isn't it!)
The other woman was there because she 
too has the same cancer as my husband.
Similar bond.



  1. Hello Susanne,
    I enjoyed reading this post, what lovely words. I hope your husband gets better soon. Crochet really is a comfort, isn't it? They say knitting is good for depression, I guess crochet is too.
    Lots of love xxx

  2. Nice post Susanne - really makes a person think. I'm hoping everything goes well for your husband - he'll be in my prayers.

    Your hexagons are looking pretty. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing. I truly don't know how you can sit there and stitch. It must keep your mind busy counting. I will continue to keep you in the thoughts and prayers. The good news is the sun is peeking out this morning so fair weather may be on it's way to you this weekend.

  4. Prayer goes to your husband. Hope he's getting better. Crocheting makes you peaceful and the colorful pieces brighten us up. They're beautiful.

  5. Still praying for you and your family. It feels better to know that we are not alone doesn't it? Hugs

  6. Susanne, your crochet is beautiful but your post today is even more beautiful. I am so glad you find comfort in your stitches. I have blogged before how I feel knitting or crochet makes us more available to people. It makes it easier for others to approach us and just ask what we are making...this opens the door for further conversation. We are approachable and hopefully what we have to say helps someone in need. Hang in there, I know you are overwhelmed. We are here for you.

  7. Hi Susanne - a big hug coming to you from oz.

    I agree with the previous poster. Crocheting in public certainly can provide opportunities to chat to people you might never have spoken to.

    It does make us approachable.

    Your crochet looks so colourfully inviting that if I was walking past, I'd want to talk to you.

    lots of hugs and thoughts


  8. Hi Susanne, lovely post, beautiful crochet.
    People seem to talk to me, when I'm out and about, DH says it is because "I've got a smiley face". Amazing the tales you are told, the lives you take a small glimpse inside.
    Thinking of you and your family.
    Carol xx

  9. Hi Susanne, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can read more here
    I know things are busy for you at the moment but hope you can accept it, even if you need to wait a while.
    Carol xx

  10. What a wonderful post and got me thinking of a book I have just read, in which the message was... you do not know that what you say to someone or do may be the link to lift that person to the highest height when they are in the depths of despair. Every Blessing for your husband and I pray he is on that road to a full recovery.. by the way loved your crocheting too!!
    Chris xx


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