Friday, July 15, 2011

Dishrags & Garden Goodies

1.) A just for fun crocheted watermelon novelty pot holder. Need to sew on the buttons for seeds.
 Good Friday afternoon to all my followers and friends here in blogland. I am managing to stay busy crocheting and knitting. Below are a collection of pics showing the whole lot of the items I have been cranking out this past week or so. I want to thank my friend Kate @ The Garden Bell for waking me up to doing some kind of watermelon thingy. You can find her here. She has a lovely blog and I swear that girl should be a photographer because she is quite proficient with her camera. I use to think my camera took pretty pics, well mine can't hold a candle to what she posts. So, thanks again Kate for making me green with envy, lol.
2.) Dishrags, dishrags and more dishrags.

3.) Lovely variegated green and white. My own pattern.

4). Lovely variegated blue, yellow and white. My own pattern.

5.) Lovely multi-colored variegated. My own pattern.

6.) Lovely lime green. My pattern and the traditional knitted pattern from skein wrapper.

7.) Lovely beige with color flecks. My own pattern.

8.) More lovelies.

8.) Wash cloths with fancy edging. Made from holding 3 strands of doily thread.

9.) Same wash cloths, just another look. These will be very soft when laundered.

And in between all the clicking and clacking of knitting needles and crochet hook, I took a break and walked out to the veggie garden and look what healthy treats I found.

The water drops look like diamonds sparkling.

10.) The stack is growing..
I have about 3 more dishrags to make and I will be done with that. I have enough scraps of cotton to combine them to make a patchwork potholder, nothing fancy, but usable and practical. After that I move on to doing a tutorial for you on making your own crocheted rag rugs which is a fun and useful project where you can use up all sorts of materials including old t-shirts. It may take me a bit of time to get that posting done, but you can look for it in the next 3-4 weeks. I also need to do 1-2 more UFO's. I have fallen behind with that promise to myself, lord knows I have plenty to still keep me busy. Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe. ♥


  1. Oh Lordy, thanks for the swift kick in the tail. I have been missing all this fun over here. Wow. New follower. What an adorable posting and I see you love the yarn just a little too. Then I saw your kitchen and I nearly passed out right here, too cute.....
    Have a sweet weekend,


    P.S. Have yet to pick up the hook today....giggle-giggle..

  2. I think I've already mentioned, but I'm making dish cloths also...though mine don't look half as pretty as yours!
    Yum... home grown vegies, love the water "sparklies" broccoli is S.L.O.W.L.Y growing hehe
    My cabbages are doing well...I'm looking forward to cutting the first one soon!

  3. All of the dishcloths are looking just gorgeous!!!!

    What delicious broccoli you've picked fresh from your garden too - YUM-MO...

    Jodie :)


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