Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Things Country ; My Kitchen

Give me country any day, I simply love it. I never get tired of my home. Some days it seems way too small, and other days (cleaning days) it seems way too big. I will start out today with the heart of my home and that is my kitchen. We built this house 21 years ago and I was one lucky woman to be married to a man who gave me complete control over decorating everything from ceiling to floor. I love oak, and so it only seemed natural that I would pick oak cupboards and cabinets. There is just something warm and cozy about wood, especially a honey oak. (Please forgive any dust bunnies that may be hiding, lol).

I do have scatter rugs for on the floor, but since my dogs like them way too much, I do not put them down. When decorating I got frustrated shopping for something that would look good with the light blue gingham curtains and ended up crocheting my own rag rugs. I will share them with you on another day.

Yes, that is a mop bucket you see, lol.

The large spice rack my husband made. I found the bottles at Pier 1. The small spice rack I bought when I was 18 years old. It was the first thing I bought for when I would have my own home. I have been married 41 years now and that spice rack is 42 years old.

My house doesn't have a dining room. I use to have a house with one, but it was a room that I found I could do without. I wanted a large eat-in kitchen. My table seats 6 comfortably. The absence of a dining room means one less room to clean and to heat, besides, how often does one really use a dining room? If we need more eating space then I pull out the very best, and that would be the card table and chairs. Nothing but the best for my guests, lol. Our family is small and we manage.

     The kids go on a trip they bring me a magnet. Yes, there is a fridge under all the magnets, pics and stuff.

Keeping it simple.

The old black baking pan on the wall belonged to my mil. She baked buttermilk biscuits in it every morning for her family for over 60 years. I may have the antique pan, but I sure can't bake biscuits like she did.

My husband made 2 dry sinks. One was given to our oldest daughter. This one sure has come in handy for storing things and used as a space for a small tv and a few cookbooks.

I love my butcher block table. It is hollow inside and I have tons of cookbooks stored inside. My husband did not make this particular one, but he has made 8 and sold them.

The butcher block table is a handy work surface. It makes a great cutting and chopping surface as well as a place to put hot pans right off the stove.

On this particular day I was doing a bit of re-arranging so I had a bit of a mess. Some people have a house, I have a home....yes, we live in our house and it does look lived in. I have had 3 Pampered Chef parties in my kitchen and a couple of my friends always comment on how they "love" my kitchen. My bil says, "You can sit in Sue's kitchen and never be bored, there is always something to read on the walls".

A look out to the deck, back yard and my husband's wood shop. We get the evening sun through the French door.

Last fall I got some apples from a friend and made apple pie filling and some apple jelly. I snapped a pic of them before I started doing them up. I think this pic would be pretty enough to use for a calendar. What do you think? I just had to throw this photo in this posting because I want people to see that my kitchen does get a workout pretty much on a daily basis.

From our garden, a good old southern White Half Runner Bean. My husband planted and tended then while in the garden, then he passed them off to me and I canned them for our pantry. More healthy eating from the garden. My kitchen works for me.

I ♥ old signs.
Another snap shot of the spice racks and old signs that decorate my walls.

More canned goodies, German Red Cabbage.
The ♥ of my country home.
 Well friends, that was a tour of my country kitchen. I hope you enjoyed visiting with me. If I could greet you at my door I would have you sit a spell and share a cup of coffee or tea with me, or better yet, I would cook you up a meal. I am sure most of you feel the heart of your home is your kitchen. ♥


  1. I love a cozy kitchen. I just went to a friend's and she has a huge brand new kitchen but not one thing out in it. Give me my things about me for sure. I love lots of goodies all over to enjoy and yours is full of fun items. I see a few things I have too in my own home. Lovely!!

  2. Susanne, I love this post. I love your kitchen, it feels like a cozy, loving place to be. I have a lot of folk things in my home and I think it makes my home look like a home and not a house, if you know what I mean.
    have a great day and I wish I could pop in for that tea.

  3. I love your kitchen too, all the wood and homely touches!


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