Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scrappy Project Moving Right Along

I'm happy to say that my brain storm scrap project is moving right along despite my crazy and hectic summer schedule. My oldest will be enjoying a 2 week vacation from work starting on Thursday and so I will be at home catching up on things around here. I definitely plan to be working on some fun stuff and plan to get the finishing touches done on my crochet pillow......yes, the plan is to make a pillow from what you see in the pictures.

I debated about the size and came to the conclusion that for this first time smaller is better. I want to make the back one solid crocheted piece using the same color as the borders of the rectangles. There will only be 3 hand whipped stitch seams joining the 6 rectangles and believe me, I want to clap my hands for joy on that. It shouldn't take long at all to get that done. I'm hoping to have this all completed by the weekend that is if nothing more important gets in the way. So, until then thanks for stopping by and God bless you all ♥


  1. Love those scrappy rectangles. I think they will make a pretty pillow. I've been sitting here wondering what to start on next since I just finished my latest doily. I haven't made a pillow in a while, but I love making them. Maybe I should do that. I think I even have a pillow form or two around here somewhere. Your grandson is adorable!

  2. These are awesome Susanne. So colourful and joyful!

  3. Love the rectangles Susanne. Did you get to use alot of your little pieces of yarn.


  4. Hi Susanne! I have been quite a bad blogger lately, as I too have been busier than busy!!! I love squares, but regret that I did both front and back in yarn. I wish I had made the back out of fabric and done an envelope style pillow so that I could easily remove the slipcover to launder.
    Your little man is one cutie pie!!!! I didn't know you babysat him? Do you? If so, I know how that is, as I do as well. I love it though. However, I am eager to have him back in school!!!!
    XO Kris

  5. Those are so colorful! I can't wait to see your pillow done. I just finished my 2nd pillow and I can't wait to use them in our trailer.. we leave for Waldo Lake in 2 weeks! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Happy crocheting!
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  7. They are looking really great Susanne, glad you will be getting a bit of a break from the child care.


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