Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Few More Quick Projects

This last week I have been crocheting up a storm. It is a wonder my hook was not putting off sparks. Good thing I wasn't using the wooden hook that I bought years ago from a man whose hobby it was to carve. That wooden hook would have been smokin', lol. I will start with the fingerless hand warmers. I went on Ravelry and spied out several patterns I liked and ended up purchasing 2 or 3. My search was originally for "free" patterns but we all know how they mix the free ones in with the ones for sale. Wouldn't ya know, I always go straight to the ones that cost. The one that looked to be the easiest turned out to be frustrating. There was a list of abbreviations but when I started into the actual instructions the designer had thrown in a few other abbreviations that were not listed. Then of course it didn't state whether they were in US or British terms. I ended up not using any of the ones I bought, I tweaked the one pattern a bit and improvised. It was late that night, or should I say early the next morning, like around 4am when I finally had the flowers made and sewn on. I was sure pleased with myself.

Oh yeah, I was pleased alright until the next morning when I was wide awake and took a really good hard look....oh man, don't tell me I messed up, I was so feeling happy that they were done.....but I counted again, and then a second and third time....one flower had six petals and the other had seven!!!!!!!! I contemplated making 2 more flowers so as to put a six and seven petal on each but I took the scissors and off came the seven petal one. Oh I was so careful not to cut into the glove, had I done that I would have probably started to either laugh like a mad woman or weep like crazy. So, I crocheted up another 6 petal flower and sewed it on ......TA DA!

They are for Rachael and they will go with this.........

a cowl made from the same color of  Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn. I showed that yarn to you recently. I gave my gal Ella quite a workout in a few days, modeling all the ways to wear this cowl. The pattern is simple, chain 155, join end to beginning being very careful not to twist the stitches, double crochet into second chain from hook and in each chain to end, join to top of  first double crochet, chain 3 and continue around, repeat for as wide as you want to make it. The cowl is worked on the round, you do not turn at the end of a row. The guage is not important. I used a J hook but an K would be fine too.

Just a few more options on how you can wear it........

 Then I took that pretty purple and blue Purl Essence novelty yarn and made the same cowl, but I didn't have enough to make the hand warmers so I am using some purple of the Jiffy Yarn to make another set (cowl and warmers) for Meghan. She got the blue and purple one already. It is pictured below.....

She was so thrilled with that cowl that she was wearing it last Sunday to a church concert. She said her friend would go nuts over it when she saw it, lol. I haven't gotten the report back on how things went that evening.

Then lastly, I did this one too, in black. If I don't sell it I will keep it for me.

I have one last color to do yet and it will be mine for sure. It is the denim colored blue Jiffy. My favorite color is blue and of course, I make mine last so who knows if I will get it done soon or not. Sometimes there are just too many interruptions and next thing I know I'm doing something for someone else. Are you wondering about mom's blanket? Well, so am I, lol. It will get done as promised. My mistake was picking up this last batch of yarn at Joann's......yep, a big mistake ♥ 


  1. Wow, you're right about smokin' hot hooks! That is a lot of completed works, my friend! I'm glad you figured out the mitts.. I think if I did some I'd just make them up as I went along. I'm too busy to crochet right now, still decorating and then today I designed our family news to put in my card, which I also designed, printed, cut and folded.. just got done with the handwritten envelopes in red ink with my fountain pen. Yes, I'm crazy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    These cowls are lovely and such beautiful colours. I don't think I would of had the patience to stay up until 4 in the morning though and then have to sort out the flower problem the next day would of just about tipped me over the edge. I'm sure they will all be appreciated by their recipients though.

  3. Ha ha ha...Mom's blanket...ohhhh, it's hard to stay exclusively on those long term projects! Your beauties here...Wow! You are a machine! Lots of lucky recipients! Blue is your favorite color? Mine too, I try very hard to be adventurous and go for other colors, but always seem drawn to the blues. I've been crocheting too. Will get around to photographing and posting one of these days! Am soooooo behind on posting. Trying to be healthy and getting in exercise each day takes me in different directions and my blogging activity is seriously affected! Thinking of you and happy to see you are busy and doing what you love! Big hug, Annette

  4. My goodness, you HAVE been busy with the hook! Love all of the things you made!!! I need to make some of those cute fingerless gloves!! I love them!
    I have been especially busy, and am way behind on blogging. I hope to get a post up today.
    XO Kris

  5. Your hook has been smoking, oh my goodness you crochet so fast! I love the mitts and the cowls and of course the scarf. You have done such a fantastic job on all the projects. They are going to be great gifts.

  6. Wow, you have been crocheting up a storm!! You must have magic hooks. Everything you make with them is wonderful. Those fingerless gloves are so pretty with the flower on the side.


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