Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hello everyone. So sorry I have not been around much but life has been busy and some days there just aren't enough hours to do all that needs done. I have promised to write up and share that slipper pattern and please know I have not forgotten. Anyone who asked for it can be sure it is coming soon as I get some free time and when I am not so sleepy. The little bit of time I have in the evenings I force myself to keep eyes open and try to knit a bit. Lord only knows how crazy a job I would do trying to write up a pattern that late in the day. One evening I spent more time making mistakes. I believe I mentioned frogging the scarf pattern several times, then eventually changing the ribbing pattern to a garter stitch. I felt at least I was safe to knit every row. I was so tired of undoing rows to correct mistakes. That happens a lot when you try to do anything late at night when you are exhausted and too stubborn to call it a day. I might say I love to work with the yarn much better than to go to bed, but eventually sleep wins out. Many times I fall asleep in my chair to wake and pray I have not pulled my stitches from my needle. Most times I knit on a circular needle. I find it less cumbersome than straight needles and having to deal with 2. I will stop for now. I have been up since 6am and it is now 10pm....another long day ♥


  1. Hi Susanne. My goodness, I had no idea I have missed so many posts!!! I have been an erratic blogger lately. Busy here at home!
    Love the slippers. Loved the kleenex box for your Mama. Love the Kewpie dolls!!!!
    Love my visit today. I had to laugh at your description of night time, and fighting sleep. I have been guilty of that! Thus the lack of getting around to see all of my blogging friends!!
    xo Kris

  2. Hi Susanne, nice to read your post. Do whenever and whatever you like but do take rest. Thoughts with you always.

  3. Sounds like you've been busy.. which is good..! :-) Thanks for visiting my blog and catching up.. enjoy the cooler days! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I can't wait to get the slipper pattern, they look like so much fun to make. Rest up my friend. Autumn shores should be nearing an end in a few weeks and then hopefully you will get some time to rest.


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