Friday, November 16, 2012

Back Again :)

No, I did not fall off of the earth, and yes, 
I am still alive and kicking.
These past 2 weeks have been plum crazy.
My husband has had another set back. 
One morning he had an oral temperature 
 of 102 degrees that landed him in the 
 ER and admitted to the hospital. 
 That night they transferred him by 
ambulance to Toledo Hospital. 
The fever lasted 2 days.
They never found out what caused it.
His platelet count was down to 14, very scary.
They released him and 3 days later he was back 
in the ER with a BP of 68/38. Another scare. 
Then soon after that it stormed one night and 
I shut down my computer and the next morning 
when I went to start it up nothing happened. 
So off to the computer repair man it went.
It was gone about 4 days and I went through 
some kind of withdrawal (of course).
I have been crocheting during most of this 
ordeal and will get my pics in order and share 
them on my next posting, that is of course unless 
some unforeseen occurrence should happen
heaven forbid!  
Hope all of you are doing well. 
I am still worried about all the friends 
I have that could still be suffering fro
Hurricane Sandy.



  1. Sorry to read how poorly your DH was, it must have been e really scary time for you both. Hope he is doing much better now.
    Dreadful what happened to all those people in the path of Sandy. Too easy to forget when the 'story' is no longer front page news.
    Wishing you a lovely stress free weekend,
    Carol xx

  2. OH, wise one. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. Sure wish you had better news there. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for updating when you can.

  3. I'm not as serious as it sounds. I really think it's all the biking for 2 hours daily that's really helping.

  4. I have forgot you not all all...glad to see you back...I'm so sorry about all that went on with your DH...hope he is feeling better and things get back on a more even keel. Looking forward to you pictures of all the lovlies you produced during your computer vacation...

  5. Hi Susanne. I'm sorry to hear about your husband not doing well. I will keep him in my prayers.

    I'll be back to see the pictures of your crochet when you post them. Have a good evening. :)

  6. So glad to hear from you, but so sad that your husband is having such a tough time. And I know if he is having a touygh time then so are you. Sending you a great big hug, can't wait to see what you have been working on.

  7. Susanne, I think of you always and stopped by before but nothing that worried me. Do wish all is well now and your husband is better. I can see your hectic and worries. My prayers always. God will guide you. Thanks for your sweet comments. See your crochet works soon.

  8. Well, I hope by now your husband is doing much better and is well...and your at ease...Happy Sunday with love Janice

  9. Oh my, I hope everything is better now - must be so scary!

  10. So nice to hear from you again friend...thanks for commenting..I would have like to sell my ribbon candy crochet at the craft fair too..finding one close by, I don't know how to do it...I keep stocking up stuff to sell..maybe one of these days...:)

    There is a GIVEAWAY going on at my place...look at the posting before the ribbon candy crochet...

  11. Oh wow, you and hubby have had a rough time! How is he doing now? How scary to have your laptop not work, did you have it all backed up? I have the Time Capsule for my Mac that backs it up wirelessly.. nice to have that working for me. Thanks for visiting my blog.. you're sweet.
    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Hi Sue, thanks so much for remembering my B-day! You have so much going on with Roger, I am NOT suprised, but truly blessed to have a friend like you. All my love and prayers, Jeanie


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