Sunday, August 21, 2011

Second Go Round African Flower

If any of you out there in blog land are like me, you get the bug up your butt once in awhile to clean out the stash of yarn by working it all up. I have done that in the past several times only to turn around and buy more yarn. After I made my first African Flower blanket I had all sorts of colors of yarn left and so I knew then it was either going to be the old standby granny square or what????  Okay, okay, I hear the little crochet bug saying, "Why not make another African Flower, you know ya want to!"


 So I grabbed the camera and headed for my studio in the living room, lol. You know, the one like you have too, the chair next to the ottoman or table where you sit and relax at the end of the day and grab your hook or needles and  the ball/s of yarn.

 Well, it rained in the wee hours of the morning, and we had some gray and gloomy overcast skies so with the artificial light and the camera flash being all I had for lighting the pics just weren't what I had hoped for.

So I moved my WIP out to the kitchen table, hoping for better lighting and better quality pics........hummmmm

 Too much of a yellow cast, this wouldn't do at all!

 So outside I went to the back porch and even with the cloud cover the pics didn't turn out half bad.

As you can see this second blanket is the join-as-you-go method and so much quicker than the sewing method. I really think I am liking this new blanket. And guess what folks, it is sold already for a Christmas gift! 

 This is only the start though, plenty more motifs to make and add. I have been making more flowers in my spare time. I have flowers in various stages now, so there is no being bored. If I am to go to an appointment I put flowers, scissors and needle in a zip lock bag and toss it in my purse or yarn tote and off I go. I can weave in yarn tails while I wait. In the evening while watching tv I sit and make more motifs or I join the ones I have already finished.

Look how pretty these are against God's greenery. Aren't the prettiest colors on this earth from God's own hand. We can only imitate what he has created. How lucky are we that can see it all.

Yes, I think this blanket will be lovely and I hope the recipient will be pleased with her Christmas gift.  What are you doing to keep your creative fingers busy? The garden produce is coming in strong and keeping me busy. Are you canning and freezing up a storm in between the quiet times? School is starting around NW Ohio for the children and football is already here. It won't be long and pumpkins will be showing up and leaves will be turning color and falling. I hate to think about the first frost and winter being right behind. Our summer has been hot, but not as scorching as our neighbors in the South. God Bless them for enduring this unbearable heat and drought. This week will be a busy one. I take my husband to Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday and we will see the head of the bone marrow transplant department. The Clinic is located in the worst part of Cleveland. The driving time isn't so bad, but the actual getting there is what has me bummed out. My daughter's boyfriend gifted us with a new GPS, now how sweet was he to do that! We have played around a bit with it the last few days. It is awesome, to say the least. Well my lovelies, I need to get busy. I am burning daylight and need to get a few things done before my children come home today for hamburgers on the grill. God be with you all on this lovely Sunday ♥


  1. Susanne, the afghan will be stunning! Love all the gorgeous colors. Is it a difficult pattern to crochet? I finished a pineapple doily this week. I also made a Smurfette Cottage for darling granddaughter. I have four blocks to go for an afghan and then I will begin crocehting the blocks together. I also need to finish a vintage style little dress potholder that I am in for a potholder swap. Then I will begin some new things. In reading your previous posts, I sympathize with the costs of medical treatment and dr. appts. So frustrating that they cannot accept previous tests. A waste of money isn't it? With my husband's illness I have times of great worry and stress and other times of peace. The times of peace are when I let go and let God handle it. He already knows the outcome. But words are easily said and Satan tries to steal our peace in those sleepless nights when one worries and imagines the worst. Hold tight to God's promises.

  2. Very pretty - congrats on your sale.

    Good luck to your husband. :)

  3. Flowers are bright and colorful. No matter anywhere you place they're still colorful. You days ahead are full of colors and sunshine. My prayers with your family.

  4. It is going to be beautiful. Well done on getting a sale. x

  5. Adored the 1st one and looking forward to seeing the second...such a wonderful motif isn't it?
    Hugs Suz x


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