Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Total Confusion & Getting My Blog Back on Track

Hello everyone. I have been away for awhile, but this time I'm back and going to try and be faithful to stay. The last time I posted I messed around with my FOLLOWERS LIST and was in the process of moving it and lost it. My own fault, grrrrr!

What have I been doing, plenty, and I do have so much to share with all of you. I suppose you are all so tired of my promises to return and post, and I should be ashamed. Now that the colder weather has arrived then I will have more free time. I just don't think people understand the life of a widow and how busy it can be. I remember back when our daughters were growing up and all the things I had to do, but back in those days my husband was still alive and we shared the load. The kids have grown up and been gone from the nest many years. They have jobs and homes of their own. In January it will be 6 years since my husband Roger passed away and my life changed drastically. A widow often has to depend on the kindness of others to do the work that is impossible for her to do. Basically you need someone with brawn and muscle. You are often waiting to get things done because you can't do it yourself. You really don't understand this unless you are a single woman or a widow.

I'm going to end this post for now. I have some work to do on my blog. I will return. Hope all is well.

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