Sunday, June 24, 2018

Finding Time

Summer is here and so am I.
I feel like the movie "Ground Hog Day" mainly because my life has become like a routine happening.    Since warmer weather has rolled around I find less and less time to do the things I do for enjoyment. I keep thinking about this blog, how I have on several occasions come back only to promise over and over again to once again return to posting. Summer brings more work for me and I'm barely finding time to do it all. When I'm outside working then I'm thinking of all the work needing done in the house and vise versa. I have been doing the work, that use to be shared by two people, for the last 7 years. I take care of a house and a little over an acre of land. People suggest I sell the house, but I have lived here 38 years now, and my husband built the house for the two of us. We raised our children here. There are memories, not to mention 43 years of belonging and the usual stuff one accumulates for living a life. It took me a few years to work up the courage to start giving away my husband's belongings. I'm still not done with that task. There is a woodshop, with the tools. I have done some knitting and crocheting these past several years, mainly because it has been my salvation, my healing therapy to help with the heavy feeling of loss. I had to keep my sanity through it all, the overwhelming indescribable feeling of loss that dogged me from sunup to sundown. I can make it through my days now without constantly breaking down in tears. 
 I can focus now on tasks and not so much on my grief. 
I have been able to get more work done. 
And so I hang onto my blog, hoping to be able to once again sit down and share with all of you interesting doings instead of sharing sadness. I believe the human spirit craves happiness, and I want to bring all of you some sparks of it. 
I also want to start my quilting again. I burned myself out with the yarn and my hands are feeling the ache of arthritis and occasional cramping. 
So once again I'm asking for everyone to have patience with me.

I still care and hope you do too.
God Bless Us All. 
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