Sunday, January 1, 2012


***HAPPY ~ NEW ~ YEAR***

What better way to show how much all of you mean to me.
I am starting this new year out with a GIVEAWAY.
This is also to celebrate my completing 1 year of blogging.
It will run the entire month of January.
The reason for this is because 
I wanted to do something special for my followers
and because January is going to be so busy.
A total of 26 days this month 
are going to be spent in Cleveland at the Clinic. This includes
  my husband's hospitalization for 19 of those days.
In between times I will be helping to plan and give a baby shower for our oldest daughter.
So, my GIVEAWAY is to show you how much 
I appreciate you and look forward to your visits.
I will return as time allows and drop in when I can.
There is going to be as lot of catching up to do.
So, let's look at what you, the lucky winner, will win.

Four Mollie Makes kits from the magazine. Three knitted cotton dish cloths.

Clover Brand large butterfly YoYo Maker.

Two 50g Palette brand eyelash fun yarn, color is Butterfly, dye lots match.

 A Leisure Arts Little Book, Small & Sassy Purses.

Plastic Canvas to make 2 ornaments, a snowman and a snowflake. You provide yarn.

A crocheted Federal Blue heart with pink calico pillow inside, hanger attached.
There is one more gift but I am not going to show 
you what it is. Sorry to keep you guessing, but this will make the GIVEAWAY a bit more fun.
Now here is what you MUST do to be entered:

1.) You must be a follower.
2.) You must leave a comment only on this January 1st, posting. Your comment must include 1 of these topics, pineapples, watermelons or conversation hearts
(this has to do with the surprise gift).
3.) Please mention me and my giveaway on your blog,
 included a link to me.

 Now, I think that about wraps it up. 
We have a bit of snow. 
I have been busy these 2 days trying to get packed again.
We did have our mashed potatoes, pork and sauerkraut.
Our youngest daughter graced us with her presence at mealtime
and then it was off to work for her.
I hope it is well with all of you.
If I could have one wish it would be that
we all have a great 2012.
God Bless us all.



  1. What a fun Giveaway!!!! When I have Ham on the Holidays, I always put Pineapple slices on the top. Yummmmm.
    May God Be with you and you family !!!! Cleveland is prediciting 12 to 18 in snow......
    I have to make 4 trips a year up there. I know how rough it can be... Merging Lanes are the worst.
    God Bless you and your family.Drive safe.

  2. You can count me in on this giveaway. I think I've covered all your rules. Hey, sorry to say but a little snow and winds are on there way. Bone chilln' cold yesterday and light skiff this morning. Stay warm, Kate

  3. Oh what I could do with this lovely stuff. I have wanting some of the things up there. My kids would love to make some pompoms to use. I love to give the conversation hearts to my kids at Valentines day. I always get the really cute and sweet ones back. Now I am off to post you linky on my blog.
    Enjoy your snow.

  4. Wow what fantastic stuff. I am planning on giving out some hearts for my first valentines day making things :-). Hopefully my bloggers will be on their way over:

  5. I just found you and I think you are delightful!

    I craved watermelon during my first pregnancy. Try doing that in Wisconsin in December.

  6. Happy New Year to you also. This is a sweet giveaway and I love your prizes. I will keep your husband in our prayers and pray all will go well for him at the hospital. Make sure to take some hooky along for the wait, I find it takes my mind off worring so much.
    I am making a couple of conversation heart pillows for our couch for Valentine's Day. They are crocheted and super cute. I just love all the reds and pinks and hearts. Have a great New Year and safe travels.
    Misty and Pets.

  7. I follow on gfc.

    Your mentioning of pineapple made me think of sitting on a tropical beach sipping an umbrella drink that would certainly include pineapple juice. Sounds nice on this cold day.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Happy New Year Susanne! Well now that is an impressive pile of gifts. Pineapple makes me think of Ham! YUM! I don't wait for the holidays to come around. I try to bake a nice ham at least once every 3-4 months even in the summer. Love ham salad!

  9. Happy new year Susanne. Valentines is just around the corner and conversation hearts would be interesting. What a generous give away to share yarn/crochet love with your followers. I posted your give away on my blog as well.

  10. Happy new year Susanne! I like your giveaway!!! I would like to give conversation hearts to my kids for Valentine's day even if here (in Italy) Valentine is a holiday for lovers. I hope all the best for your husband.
    I will post your give away on my blog.

  11. Happy New Year, Susanne - I have just finished crocheting a pineapple cowl, pineapple themed patterns are a favorite of mine! I am a new follower and I would love to join in your wonderful drawing!
    Thanks :)

  12. What a fantastic giveaway. My two favorite fruits just happen to be pineapple and watermelon - not together though!

  13. HI Susanne,
    Just thought I'd pop in and say hello, and to wish you all the best for this coming year.

    Thankyou for being such an encourager.


    (PS. acrylic paints will last for years in the tube, as long as the lid is on. Im still using some tubes that I bought nearly twenty years ago.)


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