Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day

For all you who celebrate Valentine’s Day, have a happy and safe one. 
I thought I would share with you my sweet little Lori Mitchell figurine. 
I believe she about says it all ❤️

Creature of Habit

I’m winging it here for now. Not quite sure about the widget changes that are listed in the yellow box in my layout page. I’ve gotten to the age where I don’t like, nor do I tolerate change very well, so when an internet site does this sort of thing I feel like the rug is being pulled out from me. I find my comfort zone and tend to settle down in it. So, until I can figure all this headache out I will continue with little bit postings.
Take care, Susanne

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Total Confusion & Getting My Blog Back on Track

Hello everyone. I have been away for awhile, but this time I'm back and going to try and be faithful to stay. The last time I posted I messed around with my FOLLOWERS LIST and was in the process of moving it and lost it. My own fault, grrrrr!

What have I been doing, plenty, and I do have so much to share with all of you. I suppose you are all so tired of my promises to return and post, and I should be ashamed. Now that the colder weather has arrived then I will have more free time. I just don't think people understand the life of a widow and how busy it can be. I remember back when our daughters were growing up and all the things I had to do, but back in those days my husband was still alive and we shared the load. The kids have grown up and been gone from the nest many years. They have jobs and homes of their own. In January it will be 6 years since my husband Roger passed away and my life changed drastically. A widow often has to depend on the kindness of others to do the work that is impossible for her to do. Basically you need someone with brawn and muscle. You are often waiting to get things done because you can't do it yourself. You really don't understand this unless you are a single woman or a widow.

I'm going to end this post for now. I have some work to do on my blog. I will return. Hope all is well.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Finding Time

Summer is here and so am I.
I feel like the movie "Ground Hog Day" mainly because my life has become like a routine happening.    Since warmer weather has rolled around I find less and less time to do the things I do for enjoyment. I keep thinking about this blog, how I have on several occasions come back only to promise over and over again to once again return to posting. Summer brings more work for me and I'm barely finding time to do it all. When I'm outside working then I'm thinking of all the work needing done in the house and vise versa. I have been doing the work, that use to be shared by two people, for the last 7 years. I take care of a house and a little over an acre of land. People suggest I sell the house, but I have lived here 38 years now, and my husband built the house for the two of us. We raised our children here. There are memories, not to mention 43 years of belonging and the usual stuff one accumulates for living a life. It took me a few years to work up the courage to start giving away my husband's belongings. I'm still not done with that task. There is a woodshop, with the tools. I have done some knitting and crocheting these past several years, mainly because it has been my salvation, my healing therapy to help with the heavy feeling of loss. I had to keep my sanity through it all, the overwhelming indescribable feeling of loss that dogged me from sunup to sundown. I can make it through my days now without constantly breaking down in tears. 
 I can focus now on tasks and not so much on my grief. 
I have been able to get more work done. 
And so I hang onto my blog, hoping to be able to once again sit down and share with all of you interesting doings instead of sharing sadness. I believe the human spirit craves happiness, and I want to bring all of you some sparks of it. 
I also want to start my quilting again. I burned myself out with the yarn and my hands are feeling the ache of arthritis and occasional cramping. 
So once again I'm asking for everyone to have patience with me.

I still care and hope you do too.
God Bless Us All. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Year, New Knit & Crochet Scarves, Lap Blanket & Frogging

First off, let me wish all of you a very Happy New Year!
I'm late, as usual.
It might surprise all of you to know that in my personal life I am never late.
I wanted to post a bright spot in my winter days so I am sharing a pic of my Christmas cactus.
It has been blooming for weeks, and when I think it is finished it surprises me with a few more blooms.

This year has started off rather rough. There was a death in the family of my beloved Uncle Gene who was 90 years old. He would have been 91 on March 1st. Then if that wasn't enough, today I found out that his youngest (and only living brother) has a spot of cancer on his skull and they will be treating that with pills. These two men were the brothers of my stepfather who passed in August of 2011.
They had lost another brother who was killed in the Korean war way back in the early 50's.
Sorry to start my post on a down note, but that is life and we all have lost loved ones.

 Now I share some fun stuff. 
I bought this Mary Maxim kit back last fall and got busy right around Christmas time. 
This one was for me.

 Love this yarn, it feels heavenly soft and works up great.

 I do have a pic of the finished cowl but need once again to figure out how to get it off my phone onto my pc.

 I found this pattern on Pinterest. It is called WindowPane Scarf.
The pattern shows a cowl, but I made mine into a long scarf. 
It is a simple, easy pattern and works up quickly. I made it for my youngest daughter Meghan.
She loves purple.
To find the pattern just do a search on Pinterest and the pattern will come up and just follow the 
info to download the free pattern.

Then I used up some more left over yarn and made it into a large granny square lap blanket.

I ran across this little knitted hat and it is now a Christmas ornament for 
Meghan's Christmas tree. Don't remember where I found the pattern, probably my go-to place, Pinterest.

Below is the headache frogging project that took me several days.

Turning a previous work into this:

and eventually this:

I had a whole plastic container full of these little balls of yarn and used them for another afghan/blanket.
I will share that pic soon as I figure out how to get that picture from one place to another.

 I am not very savvy anymore with all this technical stuff. Just keeping the cords straight to what belongs to what is a feat. I will have to one day sit down and put tags on them all. Some days I am proud of myself for figuring things out and on other days I get frustrated and walk away from it. My biggest problem is that I don't do the task on here often enough to really get the hang of it and then weeks go by and I'm back to square one. I can understand now why older people get upset when taken out of their comfort zone of ignorance. Can you believe it, I have 5 younger brothers and 2 of them have never had a computer in their home. They just recently got cell phones. 
It annoys me that they won't move up a notch or two into this computerized world, but on the other hand 
they aren't sitting in front of a computer that at times makes me want to rip out my hair.
They just don't know what they are missing!

I love comments and want to thank the friends that take the time to continue to read my blog and 
post a comment. We live in a busy time and I know from personal experience how demanding life can get.
I still need to get that "Followers" list back up on my blog. Heavens, maybe when I was adjusting it I might have lost it? Sometimes a person just needs to leave well enough alone.

Until next time, be well, be safe, and keep the peace.
And, by all means pass on some kindness. It doesn't even need to cost you a penny.
Even a smile is free :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My "Scrappy Coat of Many Colors" Afghan

My, how time just slips away. I feel like it is slipping right through my fingers and I can't slow it down. 
I looked to see when I last posted and it was in late October. Has it really been that long?
I didn't mean to be absent for longer than a week, but then the leaves started to fall and I spent several days cleaning them up. One day it was so windy that it was pointless in trying. 
Since I have posted I have been busy with yarn. 
I kept looking at the bag of scraps and racking my mind on what to do with them. 
I am a hoarder when it comes to waste not want not. 
I save every scrap of yarn and fabric. 
So, I share pics of the last project because there have been 2 other things and I will post them next time.

I call this "My Scrappy Coat of Many Colors Afghan"
The only other one that I know of is the first one I made 41 years ago when I was expecting my first baby.  
I still have it in my living room and it is still going strong despite all the abuse it has suffered over those years from family and my one little dog. It has been wadded up and used as a pillow, the girls use to hide under it and peek through the tiny openings between the dc clusters. Everyone has covered up with it and also wrapped themselves in it on chilly days and evenings. 
It has gone through the washer and dryer more times than I can count, yet it endures. 

So I grabbed my crochet hook 3 weeks ago and started another one.
There is no rhyme or reason to the color scheme, only to try and keep similar colors from being too close.
My biggest headache came when it was time to weave the yarn tails in because you see, I hate doing that and kept putting it off. Next thing I knew there were hundreds of tails. I hate myself when I do that, I really should know better,

About halfway through I thought to myself I should have counted all those tails, or at least saved the pile.
It took me almost 4 days on and off to get them all done. One day I spent 12 hours straight working on them while marathon watching Hallmark Christmas programs. 
There were tails to do on both sides and on both edges and for a long time I was not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
I am happy with the results and sent my youngest daughter some photos of the finished blanket.
It was a wonderful way of using up short and long pieces of leftover yarn.
She said it looks great. It is for her.

Next time I share with you the scarfs I did, one a knitted kit,  
the other a crochet pattern I found on my favorite site Pinterest.
Take care. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Blog Frustration, Frogging, & Grandson

Good Monday morning? Let me start out by saying I am so stinking frustrated with Blogger, so if you don't want to read my gripes it might be smart to visit another blog. I want to apologize to all my followers because last week I had to edit and remove the list. It came about with a GOOGLE ERROR #502. I put up with it a couple days thinking it would take care of itself, but we all know how that turns out. So I took an hour messing with instructions to go in and do all kinds of things including getting history/cache cleaned out and of course that worked real good, NOT! Let me say, it is never good to be gone from one's blog for any length of time because things change. I go to the layout page and it isn't anything like it use to be. I will go back and deal with their error when I have time to waste, say about a week when I have nothing to do.

Then it brings me to the above pic of the jigsaw puzzle blanket. Dug this out during the weekend and the more I looked at it the more I absolutely hated it. It will take days to frog it, but that is exactly what I intend to do. I also found the start of a granny square blanket (arthritis be damned to hell), I'm gonna get my crochet hook out and work on that while I sit and watch some tv now and then. Nothing worse than watching television with idle hands. I've had enough of that these past few months.  

Today I go visit with my grandson Holden at his 1st grade class to have lunch, recess and go to the book fair. My daughter has instructed me to not buy him any books because he has a ton at home and besides that, they bring books home from the library.....since when did she become my mom and tell me what to do? Anyways....if he wants grandma to buy him a book, grandma will do it. Can't spank grandma, lol.
Have a good day,

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