Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mt. St. Helens, Holden and Happy Yarn Blanket

Good rainy and cold Saturday morning. 
I don't have much to share with everyone this morning.
So, I went through some of my photo albums.
In backing up a few months I ran across these pics of my youngest daughter 
Rayanna Meghan and her friend Chris.

They made a trip to Washington state to visit with Chris's brother and his wife.
Meghan has a bucket list. One of the things she wanted to do was climb Mt. St. Helens. 
Chris has done this before.

It doesn't look all that scary from this vantage point, but Meghan says 
the higher they got the scarier it became. Of course they weren't the only ones on the mountain.
If you check out the photo below you can spot people in the background.

I wish she could have sent me more pics. 
She told her sister when she got to the top she started to cry, 
it was so beautiful and because she was able to make this dream come true. 
You see, over two years she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
Conditions like that make you aware that things change, and not always for the better.
her dad started out with RA.
The drugs you take lower the immune system.

Love this pic of my little grandson Holden. 
Enjoying some fun time in Toledo with his dad at a Mud Hens game.

And, since I know most of you followers love yarn and love happy projects,
 I will share some photos of some happy yarn and the happy results from another time.

 There you have it, a happy blanket in happy colors. 
If you are interested yarn is double knit "Special" by Stylecraft.
It is 100% premium acrylic, 295 metres/322 yards. 
The pattern is just one large granny square, 
starting at the center with each row around being a new color.
I didn't have any specific color pattern, I just picked what I thought 
would look good next to the previous row.
The yarn can be found at:
I believe these yarns were in a packaged deal although you can 
buy skeins separately. I just went with something cheerful to work on during 
the winter months.

Thank you for stopping by, comments are welcome.
Have a good, safe weekend.
❦ Susanne ❦


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