Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Camper & Site

A year ago in July I made a big decision. I bought a 32' camper that sits on a seasonal site about a half mile from my house. Actually the camper was a good buy, but it was for the above pic that I bought it. I found out later this year that the seller only planned to sell it as a package deal although the camp site is a separate yearly fee. They knew that the fire pit area was what would sell the camper. Smart! I found out later that a lot of people were wanting that site and my daughter who camps out there the last 3 years is the one who tipped me off to it.

They were right, the little private area behind the camper is awesome. It is like being in another world. The campground owners allow renters to improve on their lots within limits and some restrictions. Mr. B is the one who made the pathway over the little ravine to build the area for the fire pit. He did not want to sell any of it, but his wife had 6 years of camping and wanted to spend time at the lake with their children.

They fed the yellow finches and she had a lot of nick knacks scattered here and there. This is looking to the right off the back deck.

This is the view looking off to the left of the back deck.

This is the back deck. The steps in the back ground to the left go up to the porch area to camper doors. The white lattice is the back of the chopped wood pile storage.

This is a view of the camper while standing in the gravel path to the little bridge. On the far right is a dog pen they built. They had 2 Yorkies and a Papillon.

Here is a closer look at the dog pen I have 2 Yorkies too.

The split wood storage bin. Behind my little storage shed.

She left all these potted plants behind. There was only a couple things she took, a cement bench and one of those big umbrellas that are off center. Not sure what they are actually called, but both those items were gifts from family.

This is the front of my camper, what you see when you drive up.

Like I said before, she had a lot of nick knacks. Many of them are glow in the dark things. There is a little electric fountain to right of front steps. Love the sunflowers :)

Looking back to the fire pit area. I never get tired of looking at it.

These are all pics from last July. There have been some changes. I'm so grateful to my brother Michael. He has been a god send to help me with whatever I want to change. First I cleared the site of all the clutter. I wanted to keep it simple and not a place to work me to death. It was coming to the end of the camping season anyways and things needed to be put up and stored. This year we took the leaf blower and got leaves cleaned up. Mike brought his trailer and we went after some finer gravel. The big stuff was hard to walk on and tends to roll since the area leading down to the fire pit area is on an incline. We started with new gravel back around the pit and came up the path to the back of camper area. Next year I plan to complete that project with more gravel. I had Mike remove the lattice on the wood bin from the side toward the camper to the back side where it was open. I like to see my wood pile. We removed the black plastic edging that was holding gravel back in the main area of the camper back and replaced it with flat pavers. That black plastic wasn't doing such a good job anyways and gravel was escaping over it. I sold the outdoor propane heater and a propane smoker that I had no intention of ever using anyways. Mike changed up the little bridge a bit. He thought putting wood posts on the edges would make it nicer. I agree.
I'm sorry I don't presently have pics of the changes to show you and hope to get them on here next camping season. There is more changes in the plans, but the season is over and the camper has been winterized and closed up for the next 6 months.

Thank you for visiting and if you feel inclined, feel free to leave a comment.
Susanne :)


  1. What a sweet little spot! I could probably live there full time. I'd truly enjoy the nature that is there. No, you don't want to be walking on that big gravel. Too much chance of falling.

    1. So right Brenda. At my age the last thing I want or need is to fall. I wouldn't want anyone else to fall either. I know you can attest to how miserable being laid up is and how one is never quite the same after an injury. Thanks for stopping by.


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