Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rachael's 39th (Surprise) Birthday Party December 2015

Forgive me for back-tracking. I know everyone has moved on because here we are just about in the middle of March 2016 and I'm dragging all my readers way back to around Christmas time of last year. I wanted to share a happy time in December when my oldest daughter Rachael (bottom right) turned 39. Her husband Chris (upper left) decided to give her a surprise ugly sweater birthday party (even Santa came). She was surprised.  Not a single soul left the cat out of the bag and she had not idea. The only one missing from the picture is my brother Ralph (feeding his face in the kitchen) and my brother John and his wife Panee who rode around the block 3 times unable to find the place, so they headed for home. Of course, like any typical male he would not stop to ask anyone where the house was, and he doesn't have a cell phone so he couldn't call me. The party was fun and we all had a good time. 

I know that this post is rather pitiful. I had started it weeks ago and downloaded a lot of pictures. There were plenty photos to go along with the one above but blogger isn't letting me into my picture files. I'm disappointed because I wasn't able to show you the neat birthday cake decorated like an ugly sweater. Several attempts and nothing happens. Grrrrrrr! All the pics of projects are missing too. I'm shaking my head, rolling my eyes and restraining myself from pulling out my hair. Time is so precious and it is frustrating to have to feel like one has wasted time. Seems like nothing gets done unless it has to be done twice.

I will be back. I have plenty to share. Today just doesn't seem to be the day. Before I go though, I want to thank all of the people for visiting and commenting. A question was asked if I send out a news letter and sorry to say no I don't. If I was more organized and less busy I might do that but right now it doesn't seem to be possible.
Until next time, take care, and God Bless all of you.


  1. What a fun party to have! I have a folder on my laptop desktop that says "Blog" and I drag my photos in there I want to use and blogger lets me get them from there. Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Suzanne, nice to see your big family photos with almost every members. What a surprise party for Rachael! Wish you all best regards.

  3. What fun. Looked like a happy time! I have missed you!
    xo kRIS


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