Friday, March 18, 2016

Christmas Advent Calendar

 There all kinds of advent calendars out there. I suppose you could make one for just about any holiday, but Christmas ones seem to be the favorite. As a kid I remember one from Germany, a house made of sturdy paper. It had windows that had numbers on them and as the count down to Christmas began on the first of December, we started day by day to open the little windows. As a child it was magical, behind each window was a picture of a little figure, a deer, a sled, a cardinal, etc.. All we cared about was opening all those windows and on the 25th you got to open the front door to the house. The advent calendar has evolved and become a lot more interesting.

Rachael made this one for her son Holden. She got the idea from Pinterest. The hanging shoe organizer is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from Walmart or a discount store. It comes with hooks at the top so you can hang it over a door. She cut scrap booking paper to size for the back of each pocket. Christmas designs were the best. There were 24 compartments, that worked out well for counting down to the holiday. A number was placed on each pocket, then came all the fun. You can do about anything. 
Day #1  Today we decorate the Christmas tree
Day #2  Today we write a letter to Santa 
Day #  Today we make a Christmas ornament for the tree
Day #4 Today we bake Christmas cookies
Day #5 Today we make a gingerbread house

One activity from the advent calendar. Holden's gingerbread house.

Day #6 Today we read the story about baby Jesus 

I know my grandson loved this advent calendar. I know Rachael had a lot of fun making it for him. There are all kinds of great ideas that you can use for activities for family. No doubt all of you have ideas of your own involving charitable works and giving for the Christmas season and these could be incorporated in a calendar like this. I know I am still stuck back at Christmas, but I wanted to share this idea. Time passes so fast and before we know it it will be that time of the year again. I like a big head start and so do many of you. Hope this inspires you to make one or something similar. Have you any ideas or have you made something similar?
I would love to heard from you.
God Bless You All.


  1. That is a neat idea for the advent calendar. My husband had his 4th hernia surgery - he was herniated in 3 places at the surgical site of his colon cancer surgery site. But he's doing better now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a great idea for an advent calendar, Susanne. I have't seen that sort of shoe holder here in New Zealand but then I've never looked for one. Your gingerbread house looks yummy. I bought one of those kits but yet to use it for us as our Christmas is mid-summer and it's too hot to eat let alone cook lol!


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