Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What Next?

When I was a young gal we had a next door neighbor who had a tractor tire-sized fenced in area where she planted nasturtiums. 

If you glanced over toward her back yard it was hard to miss the sight of bright orange, yellow and red blooms. 

They required a lot of watering, especially when the weather was dry.

They bloomed profusely. She tended her little flower garden with much love and care.

It seems like forever that I have wanted to plant some of these flowers.
So weeks ago I did 4 flower pots that would be easy to maintain.

I don't know if it was not enough water or too much that caused the brown patches on the leaves.

I did some leaf removal.

Now I wait for the bright red ones to bloom.

Do you know you can eat the blooms?
The pickled flower buds contain oxalic acid and should not be eaten in large quantities. 
The blooms are pretty on cakes and some people add them to salads.
I had really hoped that my plants would have more of a trailing vine. Why do I remember the neighbor's plants as being that way?

My front stoop geraniums look good, my poor concrete porch does not. 
Look where it is chipping away on the right front corner and towards the middle. 

My goose is naked even though I have several outfits to dress it in. 
Most are faded from the sun and need replacing. 
The shrubs are still an issue and this week I have researched more people who do that kind of work.
I have a call in to another one. Hope I get some action going with them.

Since I have finished with the scarves I am at a loss of what to do next. 
I have plenty of things I could do, but finding something that keeps my attention will be the real test. Sometimes I have the attention span of a gnat.
Hope this week is going good for all of you.


  1. I love nasturtiums they are are so bright and cheerful, I usually have a few growing in my garden where they have self seeded but I haven't seen any this year, they are prone to greenfly though, your flowers are looking lovely. I usually have a few things on the go at once so it doesn't matter if something gets finished, I think it will be hats for me next for the sailors mission and in the background I have preemie things going on and a few blankets. :) xx

    1. Trouble is I have more than a few things in the works. I always think I need to do everything that comes along and then I get myself into trouble with too many things to finish. And I play around with the yarn, nothing much ever comes of it though because I'm a better follower than a creator.

  2. The flowers on your porch look pretty. I hope you have good luck with the nasturiums. :)

  3. I am not a plant person...I can't grow them..can't keep them I say that I am babysitting some plants for my mother in law for about a month...what was she thinking?

    1. She must have trusted you. Hope she comes home to her plants still alive, lol.

  4. Orange flowers are just SO PRETTY and have become my favorite. I don't care what kind they are as long as they are orange! Your geraniums are beautiful on your porch. I think geraniums are one of my favorite flowers. I'm definitely going to plant some next spring, probably in pots like you have yours. I'm going to send you an email with a couple of patterns I've received lately. I've started one, but I can't keep my ass at home long enough to work on it more! Maybe today? ♥

    1. Okay Pammy. I will be looking forward to them. I would be out and about too if I had new places to explore. Hard telling what winter will be like so you might as well take advantage of the nice weather while you can. Come winter you will be inside and keeping busy with making something.

  5. Lovely to see your summer flowers. That kind of plant can do very pretty prints on fabrics. When I see the plants, the leaves and the flowers, they come to my mind of prints. It's hot, the goose need not dressed, he wants free but little something on him may be nice?
    Have a happy summer.


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