Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scarves, Patterns

The scarf count has reached 24 with one more to make. I am debating if I should actually make the last one or just get it from some made and packed away, the ones I made ages ago for gifts. Am I that ambitious? I have enough stash yarn to make another.

Julia asked about the patterns and I will try to do my best with answering that. First off I will say I did not add any edging borders or fringes. Of course you can do what you want. I just did basic patterns with no frills. All my instructions are US terms. I used knitting worsted weight yarn for all the scarves and either a J crochet hook or size 8 straight knitting needles depending on pattern. I followed no gauge so you can do whatever works best for you. A regular skein of RH (7oz.) will yield about 2 scarves. I used crocheted V Stitch for the ones in the above pic, mainly because these yarns (Home Spun) were so bulky that trying to knit them was a headache. You can go here for stitch instructions. I tried to get all foundations as close to 20 stitches as possible. The lengths varied because of how much yarn I had on hand to make them up, but I wanted all the widths to be as close as possible.

Crocheted Shell Stitch. 
Fast pattern. Just a variation of the V stitch only you make the shell with 2dc, ch1, 2dc, all other directions are the same as the V stitch.

Moss or Rice Stitch. 
Knitted, cast on multiple of 2 stitches.
K1, P1 to end of row. Repeat this pattern all rows.
If row ends with K then the next row will begin with K or vice versa.
I'm adding some more info here, from what I researched this can also be called seed stitch.
I just know that whatever you did on the first row, that you do the very opposite for the next row.
You will knit in what was a purl stitch in the previous row and purl in what was a knit stitch in the previous row. That will give a small overall bumpy appearance to the scarf. I don't mean to make this sound harder than it is. It is basically one of the easiest knit patterns.

Garter stitch. 
Cast on 20 stitches.
Knit all rows.

Oh I loved finding this knitted pattern on Pinterest. There was no name.
Cast on 20.
Row 1 & 2: K across row.
Row 3 & 4: K2, P2 across row.
Continue by repeating these 4 rows until desired length. Scarf pattern is reversible. 
Edge at beginning will be different than at the opposite side. 
No worry, it is suppose to turn out like that (see below for close up).

In this close up you can see the pattern design just by repeating these 4 rows. 
I warn you though, I had to keep a piece of paper handy to keep track of what row I was on and more than once I had to back track because I messed up. 

The Diagonal Stitch.
It starts out by chaining 6, then you dc1 into 4th chain from hook and then dc in the 2 remaining chains. 
Then comes the tricky part so I will send you here. 
This gal has an excellent picture tutorial on this stitch. 
It works up fast. 
Below is a closeup of how it should look.

Look at my photo bomber. We are in the kitchen.
He is on high alert for anything that remotely sounds or looks like food.
Even with the hair covering his eye he still sees everything. 

This pretty much sums up the scarfs. 
This endeavor has warmed my heart.
The entire time I was doing these I kept thinking I should have made some caps too. 
Maybe next time. This is by far one of the things I have done that was not a chore.
If it helps to keep someone warmer this winter then it was well worth the time and effort. We can all be loving people who practice random acts of kindness for those less fortunate.
I do not expect, nor do I want anyone to feel they have to repay me.
I just ask that they thank God for His goodness to them.
The thought came to me one day out of the blue.
I take no credit. God whispers do this.
Everything belongs to Him, He has provided and I am just the vehicle. 
I have been blessed to be able to have hands that are able to be productive.
Blessing are given not to keep, but to share.


  1. I think you're amazing how many you've done. I think they're all gorgeous and will warm a strangers heart and neck. We leave tomorrow.. see you in a few weeks! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow, Susanne! So impressed. Imthinkmit is such an awesome thing to do!!!!

  3. Wow Susanne you have been busy, they all look so bright and cheerful too thank you for all the patterns and how to's I love making scarves and will probably be making some too at some point. These are going to be very well received that's for sure. I would love it if you would link them to the stash link party. :) xx

  4. Bravo on completing a pile of warm, cuddly scarves! Great idea for getting rid of your yarn stash while helping others :)


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