Thursday, August 13, 2015

PBS Television, Oh Yeah!

I don't normally discuss what I am watching on television, but PBS Masterpiece is one of my favorite programs.
Recently I watched Season 1, the first 7 or 8 episodes (forgive me, I lost count) of Poldark.
I love anything British, Scottish or Irish, especially those movies that are historical in nature.
 Actually they can be just about any time period, I'm not fussy. This is the first part of a series of historical novels written in 1945-1953 by Winston Graham. 
Aiden Turner, who is actually from Ireland, plays the handsome Ross Poldark.
Swoon ladies, he is 32 years old (oh to be young again, *sigh*).
The lovely gal who plays Demelza, his kitchen maid, is Eleanor Tomlinson. I will not spoil the story for anyone who might like to watch the programs. There is more coming months from now in 2016 and I can hardly wait. Of course you can purchase Season 1 and also the 12 novels that comprise the series. Have any of you seen the program? and what did you think?

Other programs I have loved to watch are the Sherlock Holmes episodes and Downton Abby. I broke down and treated myself to some of those DVD's. 
I have some catching up to do on Netflix.
The spin off "Better Call Saul" from "Breaking Bad" is another one I got hooked on in the past several months. I started watching Breaking Bad one winter night when flipping through channels on DISH. As usual, 500 channels and nothing good to watch, and plenty of re-runs. I happened upon it mid-season and had ignored all the people who claimed it was good. When Better Call Saul started I made sure to faithfully record the show.
I also love to read, I just never have the time to do it. Reading has always put me to sleep. When I was younger I would fall asleep and then wake up hours later with the bed light still on and the book under my hand. Nothing better than a good book to read. Back in the 70's when "The Thorn Birds" came out we belonged to a book club. Anyone who ever belonged to one knows how that works, they send a card, you opt to accept or reject the book of the month. If you neglect to send in the card the book will come automatically and you can be bothered to send it back or be lazy and keep it. I got the book, yes, I was lazy. I glanced through it and after reading the dust cover/jacket I was convinced that this book was going to be a boring story set in Australia. I started reading and was glued to the pages, my book came up missing and I was having fits hunting for it. It turned up at the bottom of my clean laundry basket under a pile of clothes that needing folded. My husband!!!
Good books and movies will do that to you. They hook you in and you just can't put them down or stop watching. Oh, by the way, I named my youngest daughter Meghan after the female character in that book,
as did a friend who read the book too.


  1. Yes I did watch Poldark and also loved it. The Cornwall setting is beautiful and so is the story. Can't wait for Season 2:) Good acting from Aidan and Eleanor is so stunningly beautiful. Love her hair.

  2. We love PBS shows too and you've mentioned some I haven't Poldark. I'll put it on my list to watch. Most everything we've seen is so much better and no commercials! YAY! Enjoy your evening! Hugs, Diane


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