Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Covering Up Mistakes

Hello friends. Thank you for visiting. I procrastinate a lot anymore. I am also beginning to sound like someone who tells tall tales when I say the I am about sick of yarn, yet here I go again making another skull cap. It was made for no one in particular, just something to work on while watching some television in the evenings. I don't even remember how many I have made from this pattern. I should know it by heart. My favorite part is the straight knitting on the round with a circular needle. I hate ribbing, mainly because I hate the purl stitch. After casting on 90 stitches you commence with the purl 5, knit 4 for 33 rows. Far be it for me to have noticed what I did, and I didn't notice anything amiss until I was done and folding the ribbing up on the cap. That is where it now looks like you have knitted 5 and purled 4 because it is now turned up to show the right side of the work. Oh no, there it was, a mistake!!!!! 

I had knitted when I should have purled and it stuck out like a sore thumb. No way was I going to rip the entire hat apart because to fix that error I would have had to go all the way back to about the first 10 rows. I got a brain storm to cover it up with a pretty button. I dug around in one of my button jars and came up with this. I know no one would have known there was a mistake had I not written about it, but if this quick fix can be a help to someone else if they happen upon a similar problem then so be it.

Here lately I have just mellowed out and gone with the flow. Basically my life is hum drum and boring and for some odd reason I like it that way, uncomplicated. I don't thrive on being someone who has to be on the go all the time. I lead a quiet life and it is okay. I have never liked drama and can always find a zillion things to do right here at home. My next door neighbor told me a couple weeks ago that I have a beautiful home. I told him it is okay, but all I see when I look at it is work, work and more work. I thought about doing a post on all that I need to do around here but thought better of it. You would find it boring, I know I sure would....

Times like this finds me dabbling in all kinds of experiments and above is one of them. I am between projects that amount to anything and so I play with my yarn, mainly the scraps. I pick this up and then stick it back in the yarn tote. I decide to straighten up the smaller tote with small scraps of left overs and what do I do about a week later but set the tote on a surface only to bump it and as the lid flies off the container tips on its side and my neatly wrapped yarn balls topple to the floor and now a mess again. I just scoop them up and say, "To heck with this, why did I waste my time anyways." Then I look at this little WIP and think, yeah, yeah, yeah, why did I even start this, I do not feel like doing this. I have been burned out on yarn for weeks but to start sewing means I have to clean "the hoard" in the sewing room. I started cleaning and organizing the mess ages ago and got side tracked doing something else. In the meantime I have added to the stash of stuff. I am glad I can close the door on it and even though it is out of sight, it is never far from my mind. I feel so disorganized anymore.

Mother's Day was really nice. I did not get pictures but I got flowers from my both my girls. I was taken to dinner once again at Biaggi's in Perrysburg and got a pretty card. This last weekend I was invited to go to Port Clinton to Nagoya Chinese Steakhouse. Meals were great, but the company was even better. Love my children ♥

Forgive my crazy post. I am slowly trying to get back in the groove of blogging again. Hopefully things will improve on the home front and I will be a little bit more newsy as time goes on. As usual I hope all of you are doing well and thank you for sticking by me. Love you all ♥


  1. Sounds like you have a nice calm and satisfying life. Good job! I do a bit too much running around and meetings and such.. but it's just the way I am. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The button is a great idea Susanne - I think it makes the hat look prettier. I love the scrappy flowers you're making - are you making an afghan with them? :)

    1. Not sure what I am going to do with the flowers Debi. I know there are several options. When I get in that mood to not wanna work on them I stop thinking on any grand ideas and remember there are smaller things I could make with them.....might just end up being a shawl.

  3. I think calm sounds about perfect. My life is anything but calm right now and I would love a few days of calm where I did not have to work and all my family members were behaving.
    Hugs to you my friend,


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