Friday, January 30, 2015

Hooking Away Into the New Year

Hello my dears. This Friday, January 30th finds my corner of the world sunny with temperature being around 25 degrees. We have had snow on the ground, but a dusting from last night is now new snow on the driveway. I don't have to go anywhere today and plan to spend most of it cleaning house. Doesn't that sound like fun. I've been wanting  to share with you some pics of previous and present projects, so today I share this colorful one. It is definitely what I am all about, another scrappy afghan/blanket which is right up my alley.

Oh, how I love this pattern and the simpleness. It is a paid download. I do believe I got it from either Ravelry or Etsy. The download included 2-3 patterns, only problem is that it is located in my Apple iPad Kindle app and right now the iPad is suffering from a completely dead battery that does not want to recharge. I plan to take it this coming week to get it fixed and then I can share the designer with all of you. In the meantime if I find the pattern on either site I will add an addendum to this post and share for anyone interested in it.

Using up scraps isn't the only good thing about this one. You start by making strips, and you can make them as long as you wish. Each color is 5 rows and I did 17 colors to a row. Then you can also make it as wide as you want and I made mine 7 color rows wide. When rows are completed, you crochet around each long row, then whip stitch rows together and then do a border around the entire afghan.

As you can see I have a second one in the works. This one's long rows are being trimmed in a brown. I have one more strip of colors to complete yet, plenty of tails to weave in and the rest of the finishing steps.

I suppose the maker could do pretty much whatever their heart desired with this pattern. I am seriously thinking of doing another one only with some modifications to use up smaller bits of yarn. I'm in love with this pattern. I have plenty of yarn yet, and more stashed away so until the supply runs dry I am still in business.

Then I wanted to treat myself for my birthday. I won't feel guilty for doing something frivolous, buying something I definitely didn't need, but surely wanted. Had Roger been alive and I showed him this, he would have told me to go ahead and buy it for myself. He was a good and generous man.

My favorite color is blue. I loved the design, and have always wanted a nice piece of stained glass in my home. Ironically my youngest daughter took a stained glass class in college and never had the time to make me anything other than a few sun catchers. She made her sister a beautiful framed piece with sunflowers (mental note to self, get a pic of that one).

My motto: when all else fails, just do for yourself what others aren't doing, lol. I hope this posting finds you all doing well and staying busy with what you love to do. I wish I had more to share with you all today. I guess this bit will have to do. So, next time, May God bless you all with His loving grace and kindness. Peace ♥


  1. Love, love, LOVE the blankets! So pretty!

    I like your motto :-)

  2. I love your blanket.. what a great way to use up a stash! Pretty stained glass.. I'm glad you treated yourself to something you've always wanted. Stay warm! It's sunny and 43 here! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your blanket is beautiful and what a great stash buster. I love your new window it's what I would call classy we deserve to treat ourselves now and then. :) x

  4. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find your comment(s) on my blog post! Someone still looks at my feed! LOL. I'm guilty of not being around these parts much anymore. I tend to favor Instagram (quick hit and dash and comments are short and sweet) and Facebook...and Ravelry. I like to chronicle my work and that's a good spot to do so!

    I love your scrappy-ghan! I started one such piece of work, but it's languishing in a chest. There are too many other things calling to me! LOL

    So good to see you back and posting! And I'm so proud of your perseverance. We all make our own joy, don't we? Wish we lived closer; would love to know you in person!

    Hugs! Annette

  5. Simply beautiful blanket, I've always loved and admired the work it takes to create one of these pieces, yours is exquisite.
    I'm a lover of stained glass, and have several pieces for the windows, and still hold on to my stained glass lamps we collected early throughout our marriage.
    Your stained glass is a lovely color, I can only imagine the blue sparkling with the sun shining through.
    Stay warm !

  6. Oh, wow...that stained glass is beautiful!! It's great that you bought it for yourself. Now you enjoy looking at it every day. I sure would! Love that blanket too. I made one similar that was made from a pattern from an old afghan pamphlet, only mine had more rows to each color to make each color block a square shape. It sure was pretty. I gave it to my youngest son many years ago. It is a great pattern for a stash-buster the way you did your colors too. Looks great! Glad you are still hookin'.

  7. First of all your blankets are fantastic, I love the pattern and the ability to use up scraps is a bonus. The stained glass is so gorgeous, you deserve it and I am so glad you bought it for yourself.

  8. Pretty and charming color blanket. Do treat yourself well. Your husband will be happy when he sees you from the heaven you're peaceful.

  9. Your afghan is beautiful and what a great way to use all sorts of left over yarn!!! So glad you've been so keeping busy with your crochet projects! Don't you just feel so accomplished when you finish a project! You have inspired to finally finish my granny square afghan and hopefully I'll have it done by almost the end of this month.

    I'm so glad you stopped by and had a good chuckle about Downton Abbey, and left me a very good comment. I can totally relate to you about football!!!

  10. Hi Susanne, haven't been over here in a while. All of your blankets, above and in the previous post look lovely! I have so much wool in my stash that would work great with the blanket in this post. So colorful :) Your stained glass is very pretty, lovely shade of blue.


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