Friday, September 19, 2014


Once again I am finding myself so far behind. Folks, just know that I am not being a slacker. For over 2 weeks I was dealing with a painful left foot as a result of a dining room chair leg (at my daughters) jumping out to hit my toes. Bruised and swollen, it was difficult to put on a shoe.

Then I went to a class reunion for the first time (#45). It was a two evening affair, the football game Friday night followed by a tailgate party at the F.O.E.. The second evening there was a dinner at the same location. One gal and her husband (they had come after being at the game) claimed to have come and left on Friday because they had colds, felt ill and complained that the room was way too hot, her words "it was 200 degrees". Nice to know this after she gave me a nice big hug and insisted on sitting next to me. Then on Sunday I went to a family reunion. On Monday (48 hours incubation period for a bug) I woke up with a sore, scratchy throat, coughing and sneezing. Blowing my nose and hacking up a bunch of nasty stuff. Two boxes of Kleenex and a roll of toilet paper later (Thursday) I knew this was not good I needed to see the doctor. When I called they told me they were booked till next Wednesday. She said she would put me on the list if there happened to be a cancellation. By 11am she called and told me they could see me at 1:30 and thank goodness. I am now on an antibiotic, nasal spray and some Mucinex. On Tuesday I had no choice but to babysit my grandson. Two days later guess who has a runny nose and a bit of a cough. Try watching a 2 and a half year old and have them not all over you from the time they get up till you lay them down for a nap. I tried not to breath on him and to not cough around him. All these years one of my pet peeves has been sick people out and about running around unsuspecting well and seemingly healthy people, spreading their germs like they don't have a care in the world, or don't give a crap who they infect. As a nurse I took care of a lot of sick people and not once brought anything home to my family, but then, I knew the patients were sick, and they sure weren't hugging you.

Okay, I've got that off of my chest and enough about it. Let's get to that GIVEAWAY.

It is open to ALL of my followers whether you live in the US or elsewhere. There are 2 requirements ( I will make this easy peasy) you must be a follower and you need to leave a comment on this post only. It can't get any simpler than that. What follows is photos of the items with brief description:

Wonderful, new & never used ( I had 2). There are 128 pages of instructions plus diagrams. Back of book has all kinds of ideas for using snowflakes.   

New and never used (I had 2). There are 128 pages of great ideas and projects. Perfect for the gardener and craft lover.
This book is another duplicate, gently used, published in France 1970. Has both knit and crochet stitches with instructions. This book belonged to my mother. My book is falling apart, but this one isn't, has 154 pages.
Knook Dishcloth Book. Another duplicate for me. New, unused. There are 48 pages.
New, uncut, 2009 Simplicity Pattern using Yo Yos. Another duplicate. Cute baby projects.
Lion Brand Bon Bons.
New, sweet, little red colored embroidery scissors with heart shaped finger holes.
Now the last thing is this new, darling fox shawl pin with inlays. Whether you knit or crochet this would be perfect with that favorite shawl.

I hope you participate in this giveaway. You only need to be a follower and leave a comment on only this post. That is all that you really need to do, but if you happen to mention this giveaway on your blog (not required, unless you want to) I will put your name in twice for the drawing. Giveaway will end on Friday September 26th. I will post the winner and you need to send your address to my yahoo email address located near the top of the page in the right hand column. The winner will be announced the following day on Saturday. Thank you for being a follower, have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK ♥


  1. What an awesome giveaway Susanne. I would love to be entered.


  2. Hi Susanne. I hope you're feeling better. I don't like when sick people are out running around in public either. I realize that they have stuff to do too, but I don't want their sickness.
    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. :)

  3. Hi Susanne, oh goodness, I'm sorry that woman brought that hideous illness and gave it to you.. bah on her! And sorry your grandson got it from you. Dayle is sick with something similar.. no fun. Get well and sign me up for your giveaway! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Wow..what a great giveaway, Susanne! Please add me if that's ok :o)

    I'm sorry to hear you've not been well. Yes, one of my bug-bears is people knowingly attending things when they are sick..and then you get sick. Grrr! I am praying you feel better soon! {{hugs}}

  5. cuidate! y cuenta conmigo en tu sprteo, por favor ...subo el enlace a la barra lateral de mi blog

  6. Susanne, hope you are feeling better. Yes, people can be so selfish and inconsiderate...I'm sorry this had to be the lingering *memory* of your class reunion.
    What a generous giveaway! Thanks for including me.
    Hope you lil grandson is healing nicely...Feel better soon....

  7. Hope you feel better soon Susanne. What a Fabulous giveaway. I particularly love the shawl pin and those cute scissors. xox

  8. Hi hope your feeling better and your grandson, what a lovely give away please could you enter me for the draw thank you :-)

  9. Oh I know how you feel. I had taken me all of a month to get over that crud and I am still fighting it a little. I hope yours in on it's way out!! Poor grandbaby. Maybe his won't be too bad since you were on the mend when he got it.

    Thanks for offering us such wonderful goodies and the chance to win. Good luck everyone!!

    melsdaisypatch at gmail dot com

  10. Wow, what a busy time you have had. And then to be able to organize a give away. Hope you get a chance to have a day to yourself to rest and relax soon! Take Care. Donna

  11. My dear Susanne. Wish you on the heal and in a good form. Nice to hear from you. All the books and other are so tempting. Must be a good reference for any winner.

  12. Oh gosh that same bug just went like wildfire through our house, each of us getting it 2 days after the person before them. Uck. I needed antibiotics too, but ended up with a bad reaction, so it's back to the doc on Monday.
    Looks like a great giveaway!!!!!

  13. Hello Susanne. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and hope you'll be better very soon. I try and stay very clear of people with colds or such like ( difficult task) as I always have problems with my throat when I pick up a cold. As I am a teacher it can be quite a disaster when I lose my voice.

    What a smashing giveaway please enter me for the draw.
    Take care!

    Amanda x

  14. Sorry you have not been well. I got sick last year after someone who knew they were very sick breathed all over me. Ugh. Hope you are feeling better real soon. Throw my name in the hat. This is a fun giveaway. Would love to have the shawl pin, scissors, and the books and bon-bons. You take care and get well. ♥

  15. Oh Susanne, what a time you have had! Your poor footsie, and then the bad cold..ugh! I figure I shall be getting a bug soon, as now the kids are back in school, and my Noah LOVES to share his germs with me!! I am glad you are on meds now. You should be feeling better very soon!
    XO Kris

  16. I just know that snowflake book is headed in my direction. I am so sorry you were ill after that woman spread her germs all over you. Did you at least have fun at the reunion before the plague hit?

  17. Hope you are feeling better! I am a Bloglovin follower.

  18. Hope you are feeling better. Those summer colds can be nasty. Love your blog, especially since I live in Ohio and travel to Toledo to see my daughter.


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