Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine's Day & Cupcake Purses/Baby Dolls

My Valentine's Day was a quiet one. I mentioned in my last post that my youngest daughter got me a card and a carnation. The card is a water color and I have always loved that medium in art work. I do like carnations, they are not a wimpy flower and stand the test of time. Thank you Meghan ♥

Then my guy Holden gave me a pretty little flower pot he painted and his mommy helped him decorate. It had some chocolate suckers and a cute picture of him in it.

He was more than happy to help me eat those candies, lol. Thank you Holden and mommy ♥

I have been busy making the little cupcake purses. These two were for my sister-in-law Faith. She has 2 small granddaughters and when she saw these she was so excited.

Inside are little baby dolls complete with a crocheted outfit and a blanket.

The dolls are jointed and their heads, arms and legs can be moved in various positions.

My friend Debbie also wanted 2 for her granddaughters. Below are her cupcake babies in various poses.

I bought these little dolls many years ago. They have the prettiest, most real looking blue eyes. I do have some that are smiling too. Their expressions are so sweet. They were quite pricey, but they are adorable. When they came in the mail and I opened the box I immediately got a whiff of the scent of flowers. The babies all smelled like roses!


The cupcakes have been fun to make but they are not the only thing I have been occupying my spare time with. Here is my latest WIP.

Mom called and commissioned me to make her another blanket. I have made her 2 already, I'm surprised she wants another. I asked her what she wanted and she said she didn't care. Now, this woman is a lover of browns and beige so I about fell out of my seat when she told me she didn't care what I made her, just make it colorful. I love this stitch found here. It is a moogly site and has a chart for different sizes, pictures to help get you started doing the first several rows. It is called Leaping Stripes and Blocks Pattern. This is the first time I have ever done it. It makes a good, solid, afghan. It is definitely not a lacy pattern if that is what you are looking for. I love this stitch!

I made up my mind I was NOT going to buy more yarn, I would use what was in my stash and I started with that thought. Friday I found myself heading to Hobby Lobby in Perrysburg Ohio. Now mind you, that is about an hour away from where I live. I went there because I needed to match up the one red I was using in this project. I won't even go into what all I threw in my cart, but I went to get more "I Love This Yarn" in a certain shade of red. On the UP side fortunately I found it, the DOWN side was the longer I stayed in the store the more stuff went into my cart. Finally good sense took over and I told myself it was time to go home. But enough about my moment of temporary insanity, I want some honest opinions now.....look at that color scheme, can you see what I am doing here.....near the top of what I have got done so far, there is a forest green stripe with a yellow stripe above and below it. I am back-tracking now, that green stripe is the center of the blanket, now I am going back in the reverse with the colors so I will end the second half of this thing with blue, ivory, pink and gray being the last 4 colors. Do you think that will look okay? I know from experience that things don't always look good when you look at them close up, you often need to stand back to make decisions. I am my worst critic, and one of my worst faults is not planning a head with a color layout. I will go head strong into something and just go with the flow, then often I will be unhappy with the results and find myself ripping out hours of work. When I look at this picture I think way too many colorful spots at the start, but the center is BORING!!!! But then I think, well the second half will be just a repeat of the first half only in reverse, just keep on going. You rip all that out and you are back to square 1, do you really want to rip out all that work? Of course not, but then if I ask all of you for your opinions then the majority wouldn't steer me wrong.

Yesterday morning I got the vacuum out. This house was needing to look like someone who lived here actually cared. I need to be in the mood to clean. I took the brush attachment and gave a few things a good swipe (why does the DVD player and the all the rest of the stuff sitting on the shelves on the tv stand have to always get so dusty?????). Then my sil Faith came and we went over to Meghan's to see how she is coming along with her renovations. This child of mine, by herself mind you, gutted her upstairs bathroom and master bedroom also the kitchen located downstairs from the bathroom. She started this well over a year ago. She had her whole house rewired and new plumbing, but more on all this later, it is a future post. The 3 of us went out to eat Chinese at The Golden Dragon. The food is always excellent there and we had a wonderful visit. Of course I was in such a hurry I forgot my camera. I wish it was more attached to my hip like some of you are with your cameras. Now back to my original point... this morning I go to get on my iPad to listen to my Bible app and it tells me there is no connection, yet everything with the wifi hookup seems to be flashing the usual lights. I hate that, my only thought is that sometime during all my cleaning efforts I did something to the connection. Now what??????? I absolutely hate to call DISH about this hookup because when I called them to put a security password on my wifi that was an absolute waste of time. They always have to forward your call to "someone who knows something more" than the person who answered the call. In the end of that ordeal I still didn't have a secure lock on the wifi and it was my oldest daughter who finally helped me out with doing it. That feeling of the blind leading the blind is in the back of my mind. WHERE IS THE RESET BUTTON!!!!!! Calling them may be my only choice. A person pays a small fortune and then gets crap service. The bundle package of  DISH tv/internet combined just went up $5 a month and about a week ago some gal calls and wants to know for another $6 a month I can add this and that. Needless to say, I try to keep calm, but I told her this, "You just raised the price $5 a month and now want another $6" CLICK! I hate to be rude. I didn't give her time to even answer, so upsetting, there is no end to everyone wanting the whole pie. Sometimes I hate technology.

Well, here is hoping you have a lovely, restful Sunday despite my rant.  Thank you for coming to visit with me. God Bless you all. Peace ♥


  1. Hi Susanne! About the iPad - have you tried powering it completely off and restarting it? That's always my first place to start. I love your cupcake dollies.. they are a treasure! And the blanket is gorgeous.. it looks so colorful and warm. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Susanne. What a sweet gift from your daughter and little Holden - he's such a cutie. The cupcake purses with the babies are so adorable - there's going to be some happy little girls when they receive their gifts. About your afghan for your Mom - I think it looks great, and it will all come together when the matching stripes on the other side are added. Have a good evening. :)

  3. Susanne, you're blanket is just perfect the way it is, I wouldn't change it for anything. When I did my granny stripe I worried over and over about including one particular color but now a few years later I don't even notice it. Those cupcakes purses and dolls are adorable!!

  4. I missed this post somehow...and your rant. HA! I get that way sometimes. We all do. It's the little things that can end up being the things that break the camel's back and upset you the most, huh? We all understand that. Love that blanket and that stitch. I haven't seen that one before, but it's pretty. Looks like it would take forever and a day with the color changes and it being so solid and all. But what crochet doesn't take forever and a day?

  5. Wow...I can't believe how BIG Holden is getting! Wasn't he just a baby the other day lol! I so relate to the "going to use what's in my stash" thing and then finding yourself NEEDING something and walking out of a store with half a dozen "good scores' (well, that's what I tell myself they are haha!!)
    Anyways, must go and update my blog with some recent happenings (like Miss 18's birthday)

  6. If you drove all that way to Hobby Lobby then of course you had to add a bunch of stuff to your cart, it only makes sense! I love the little cupcakes with the dolls inside, you are so nice to make then and they are adorable. But you are nicer t o make your Mother another blanket, it is beautiful. The colors are wonderful and will work out just fine.


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