Monday, February 24, 2014

The Sandusky River Winter 2014

I am sure many of you have similar situations going on where you live. This is the Sandusky River, it winds though Northern Ohio out toward Lake Erie. It can get pretty scarey at times and over the years people have drown in that water. For the most part it stays pretty calm and through the hot summer months the water level often gets very low and you can actually walk across it on the river rock bed. Like all waterways it has a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation. In the Spring the walleye come in to lay their eggs and it is a fisherman's paradise. It brings people from all parts of Ohio and surrounding states. This photo was taken by my oldest daughter Rachael. It is where the road forks to go out to her house. If you go off to the left fork you wont get very far, that is River Road and it floods. I am sure there was a HIGH WATER or FLOODING ROAD sign there. This same river also runs through the town where I grew up. There are low lands in that town often subject to flooding. I am sure all those people who live in that area are in a panic. I sure know I would be.


  1. I sure hope that the weather is better when I visit Ohio at the end of March!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow...that sure looks like really cold water!! {{hugs}} Stay warm (and safe!)

  3. I am sure that river can become pretty dangerous. People don't understand the strength of a river, the current, the deep pockets and all the trees, branches, and rocks that are on the riverbed floor that can cause trouble.


  4. Now that it seems getting better. Read news it's the rare in century your chilly weather. Read your last blog of snowy. All looks pretty to my eyes though you're quite boring of the white for months. Your sweetie is gorgeous.
    Wish you a good day. Send warmth from Hong Kong.
    Love, Terriea


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