Monday, January 20, 2014

GIVEAWAY WINNER, Surprise Gift & Other Stuff

I want to thank all of my followers who left comments and were entered in my giveaway. I do believe that this was the most people I have ever had, a total of 17.

All names were written down, papers folded and put in my pottery bowl that Meghan made when she was in college. A paper was drawn, and the winner is, DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........

...........WENDY!....... You will find Wendy at her blog here, in fact Wendy has many blogs with all sorts of interests so no matter what you are interested in, Wendy pretty much has it covered. CONGRATS WENDY!!! I have sent you a message on your blog.

My 63rd birthday was Saturday. Since it was also the one year anniversary of my husband's passing there was a need for me to keep it low key. I know they meant well, but Hospice send me a card reminding me that this was the 1 year anniversary of his death. Forgive me, but maybe you can understand why that kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know that I needed a reminder, no matter how well-meaning it was meant to be. God love them, I shouldn't growl about it. There was more snow outside and yep, more shoveling. Can you see the cardinals in the tree? I went out around 9am and grabbed the snow shovel. My neighbor across the road (they live in a log cabin) came and cleaned out the end of my driveway. I chatted with him a bit. I should be ashamed to say that he and his family have lived there about 10 years now (I thought it was about 4 or 5 years) and this is the first time I have met him. Time rolls by so quickly, and circumstances have a way of getting in the way. Looking back there is a lot that sticks in my mind and yet some of it is a blur.

My one brother Michael and his wife Faith sent me this beautiful bouquet of cut flowers. Oh what a sight for sore eyes! After all these cold winter days and the mounds of snow these were a welcome sight. My amaryllis has been wilted and spent by this time and I needed something to perk me up. And then......

when I went to the mailbox there was a package, now what did I order that I forgot about? When I pulled it out and looked to see, why, what a surprise! It was from sweet Mere from Florida, one of my good blogging friends. Her blog Mereknits is here.  Her return label had her darling Max on it, how cute! What could this be?????

 Inside was something soft wrapped in colorful tissue paper with a pretty little card attached with a just as pretty ribbon.

KNITTED WRIST WARMERS!!!!! OH I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!! THEY ARE EVEN IN MY FAVORITE COLOR AND LOOK AT THOSE SWEET CROCHETED FLOWERS WITH THE BUTTONS! The afternoon of my birthday I met my girls at The Golden Dragon in Fremont Ohio for Chinese food and I wore my new gift. They are so soft, and warm.

Aren't they just perfect? I wanted to take a pic wearing them both but I had to hold the know the drill.

As far as what I have been doing well take a look. As many of you recall I recently made my friend Debbie a baby set and heart bobble blanket, she wanted another only this time crib size blanket and a 2T size sweater in pink. I had her go buy the yarn and I would just charge her for the labor. I had every intention of making that blanket, but the more I thought about it, the joining of blocks again and still reeling from all those hexes I made, I decided to do the blanket with hearts in one piece, easy peesy, none of that block joining for me. So I sat down and figured and I got the pattern down pat and you see what I had in the works.

I kept looking at the picture of this baby blanket and grabbed another skein and started it, oh man, what was I doing here....the more I looked at the first one the more I liked the second guessed it, I frogged the first and kept on with the second. Now I am sure Debbie won't mind, she better not, and if she does I guess I will be up the creek and going out and buying some yarn to make that bobble heart blanket, no doubt it will be the original one done in squares that have to be joined.

This pattern is a puffed up shell, very pretty. The reason it is raised like that is because every shell and sc are worked in the back loop of the stitch to be used.

Then I did some stash busting and found this cute pattern for a cupcake purse. The pattern can be found here. Anitha has a picture of the one she made and has a link to the tutorial video. I am not finished with mine yet, I would like to embellish it with beads or something, but here is what I plan to put inside the ones I make.....

I have many of these little jointed babies to get some clothes on. I made my cupcake big enough to accommodate the dolls. They will be perfect for any little girl. This is another work in progress. I am sad to say they will not be cheap if I decide to sell them. Those baby dolls were bought years ago and if I remember right they cost around $10 each, OUCH!

Then the last 3 pics are of what my friend Debbie found at the Good Will. I am forever working on trying to get my yarn stash used up and she is forever bringing me stuff like this. She refused any money and told me to do what I wanted with it all okay, so there is plenty of nice named brand sock yarn and also baby yarn, and one thing I am so funny about is that it can not smell when I open the bag. I am very particular about anything funky like that and I know all of you who love yarn know what I am talking about. So for her thoughtfulness to me I will use some of it to make her something and gift it back to her.


So, I think her find was my gain and I am grateful. Looks like I will be busy for a long time to come. That is good, it keeps me out of trouble. So until next time, stay warm, keep the faith and God bless you all. Love you ♥


  1. thank you so very much! I have sent out an email....lovely items that you made...and received as well...such yummy yarn! can't wait to see what you make with it.

  2. Congrats to Wendy! Sorry about your winter and snow.. we're having wind and sunshine! Your friend gave you some Deborah Norville Serenity yarn.. that's what I used for my 2 shawls! Lucky! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Congrats to Wendy!

    Don't feel bad about the neighbor thing - we have lived in our house since 1985 and only know about 8 or 9 families. The rest we don't know - just wave at them if they're looking at us.

    The wrist warmers are lovely - very pretty.

    Your crochet all looks nice - I especially love the cupcake purse. Have fun playing with your new yarn. :)

  4. What an interesting post. Those flowers are so pretty and I love your wrist-warmers.

  5. What an interesting post. Those flowers are so pretty and I love your wrist-warmers. I also like the third baby blanket but I think working in all the back loops would drive me crazy. Lots of nice yarn there- you're sure to have fun with that. xox

  6. Congratulations to Wendy. Thanks for the chance to win. What lovely mitts from Meredith, she is such a nice lady. Did I read correctly that your husband died on his own birthday? I'm so sorry. I agree with you that a reminder is not necessary. You will never forget. Hugs to you.

  7. Oh dear friend. How I wish I could roll on up your driveway, toot the horn and see you wave and jump in my car so we could go get ourselves into trouble doing the stuff we love to do. I would listen to you, laugh with you, cry with you. You are in my heart and on my mind.
    That Mere is such a lovely lady! You will enjoy her thoughtful gift! I love the pink bobble!!!!

  8. You have some really good people that surround you with blessed you are. Hugs.

  9. I have been so bad and self-centered lately not coming to visit you here or even emailing you. I have received your sweet emails and thought about you there with all that snow and cold. I love that blanket with the bobble hearts. I have a big one started in a dark teal that is similar. It's sitting in a basket somewhere being ignored, just like my friends. I love that picture with all the snow...glad you pointed out the cardinals because I completely missed them the first time I looked at it. What a beautiful sight!

  10. I think the mitts arrived on the perfect day, something to brighten up your day as you as you travel through this rough patch. Of course it is a rough patch with the anniversary of your husband's death. I am glad you are getting help with the snow, I am glad you have friends that bring you yarn, and I am glad you are loved by so many people in blog land.
    Hugs to you Susanne,

  11. My box of goodies arrived today at my place...since we had snow and ice for a few days all the roads here were closed...was able to finally get out today and go check the mail at the post office across town...sent you an email to let you know...I am bowled over by the box...thank you!

  12. HAPPY 63rd BIRTHDAY (a bit belated, I'm sorry!)...big hugs that it's also the anniversary day of your darling's passing {{hugs)) XO I love your fingerless gloves, they are so cute and those little dolls, cupcakes are adorable. You are so talented, Susanne!

  13. Thanks for posting the puffy shells. Congrats to winner I was too late to enter. Do u send out a newsletter?


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