Thursday, January 2, 2014

Coming: A New Year Giveaway

I will be posting my New Year Giveaway soon. Not only will it be to celebrate all of us surviving 2013, but also my 3-year blogging anniversary which was the end of December. I am also pleased to see that I now have over 150 followers. I want to offer up something in appreciation for your loyalty to me. So, stay tuned and come back soon for the details. I think you will all love this one ♥


  1. How exciting to reach some milestones in your blogging life! Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  2. Your amaryllis is awesome! I will keep an eye out for your giveaway, I'm going to do one too. Congrats on reaching 150!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I am so excited. You did a fabulous job surviving 2013, here is to a wonderful 2014! I again thank you for your generous present. I did send you an email yesterday with thanks, hope you got it. I drank tea out of my lovely sheep mug this morning, and thought of you.

    Hugs to you,

  4. Hello Susanne, I've just popped over from Meredith's and wanted to say hi and have a read of your posts.

  5. Dear Susanne
    I am your most recent follower! I am visiting your blog because Meredith told me to visit I'm following because it feels right....your blog welcomes me :-) I'll be back pretty soon to explore and admire your crafts!
    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. Popping over from Meredith's blog to wish you a Happy New Year. So sweet of you to send the sheep mug to her. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  7. Also hopping over from Mere's to say hello ... hope you are keeping warm there in Ohio! I'm in Wisconsin and it's about twenty below with wind chills in the minus forties. Brrr.

    Congratulations on your 3-year blogiversary and your followers! I just noticed "homemade laundry soap" in your label list and am clicking on it to see what you do. (We make our own laundry soap too.)


  8. A very pretty flower I used to have in my old flat on the top roof as there're plenty of sunshine. Love the bright red and large petals. You keep in house so it grows taller and taller to catch light. Looking at the flowers makes us happy. Have a nice start of the new year.

  9. A very interesting blog you have here. I can see a lot of posts in that sidebar that I need to visit. Glad I found you.


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