Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Auction & Other Stuff

On Thursday evening my friend Rhonda and I went to the School of Hope for their auction and sale. Some local businesses and vendors offer up an item or two and then the auctioneer will call out the numbers and anyone interested in the item can bid, and raise, you know the drill. The cause is a worthy one, to help with school costs and various other expenses. The School of Hope is for the mentally challenged, many high functioning, individuals with Down's Syndrome and other afflictions. My oldest daughter Rachael works in one of the subdivisions of the school.

I spied out this cute little monster in the green basket with his story book. I won't tell you what I paid for him, but if it hadn't been for the money going to help the school I probably would have passed him up. Of course I will gift him to Holden for Christmas. He likes monsters and books. His bed is filled with stuffed toys and how he finds room to actually sleep in his baby bed is amazing. He insists on having all his friends and buddies right in there at nap time and at night.

Then I bid on this and won. I needed another casserole dish like I need another hole in my head, but it was such a pretty color and I love that it is oven, microwave, and dishwasher proof. I love the wire rack that the dish rests in.

 Today I went grocery shopping and had to stop at Joanne Fabrics to buy a bit of yarn for a couple of scarves. I needed a pot for my Amaryllis bulb. The pot is just what I was looking for, in fact it almost matches the casserole dish I won. It was 50% off and so I grabbed it up.

Was I ever surprised, my Joanne store was all remodeled and looked so nice. I went straight to the yarn isles for my few skeins of yarn and low and behold look what jumped right into my cart.....

it didn't stop there, nope, these are just the colors I chose, I got several skeins of each of these and the good news is that they were all marked down $1 each. They are so soft and will be perfect for cowls and scarves. Have any of you ever tried this Lion Brand of Jiffy yarn before? Now, the bad news, I forgot my coupon, grrrrrrrrrr!

I then went down the next isle and saw this. Could my hands grab these 3 skeins fast enough, I think not! This yarn feels fantastic, I just wanted to stand there and play with it, honestly folks, it is beautiful and feels terrific! "I have plans for this", said the woman who said she was swearing off yarn for awhile.....this is my is a wonder I am not some drooling idiot (sitting on the floor in the yarn isle) when I get a hold of stuff like this....

My next mistake was going straight to the pattern book display. The shopping cart must be magnetized, it is like I have no control over it, yes, I entered the Twilight Zone of the store, skimming, scanning and flipping through books.


I left the store feeling quite content with myself, I got my fix and managed to do some minimal damage to my pocket book. Honestly, they didn't have to re-stock the shelves either ♥


  1. How nice to bid on, and donate for such a great cause. Our neighbor, Chris has Down Syndrome. He is high functioning, and we have learned so very much from him. These organizations are wonderful.
    LOVE the yarn!! I have not used that yarn, but think I better go pop into my Joanns and see if they have it there. And I am not familiar with the other yarn either? Good books, and sounds like a great way to spend some for yarn!!!
    Love the casserole dish and bulb dish too!! Good day!
    xo Kris

  2. Looks like you got quite a good haul. I've seen a few bloggers show the yarn they buy when they go out. I must say it is a lot more than the yarn I buy. I think that means I do far less crochet and knitting then a lot of you all ;-) It's funny how some of the yarn just jumps into the shopping cart isn't it ;-)

    I love the red colour of your purchase and the green monster will make a good gift. Happy crafting.

  3. oh you got some great purchases there Susanne!! I just adore the pot for your Amaryllis. It has given me an idea for when I go do ceramics!

    Enjoy all your lovely "loot"
    Have a lovely weekend! {{hugs}}

  4. Holden will love his monster,and what lovely wool the purple looks soft enough to sleep on! We don't have lion brand here in the UK. My friend goes to America a lot and she brings me back red heart wool. Hope you have fun reading the book to Holden when you give it to him,I love reading your blogs. Kerena

  5. What a nice collection of goodies. I'm sure Holden will love that cute little monster. And I love all of your new yarns - very pretty colors. Have fun with it. :)

  6. That monster and book are so cute and I really like that casserole dish also...and the money went to such a great cause. xo Your new yarns are all so pretty! :)

  7. Grr, my comment was deleted. Too lazy to type if all again. Get the free Joann app for your phone. You'll never need a coupon again! Nice haul.

  8. There is nothing better than a yarn fix, you deserve each and every wonderful skein. And of course second to the yarn fix is a pattern book fix, I am so glad you have fun new pattern books to look through and dream up new projects with. I think it is a perfect way to spend the day. Hugs,

  9. Crochet & touching yarn with hook is good for what ails you. Sounds like a wonderful time, and you found simple joys, and hours to keep your hook happy. Thank you for stopping over my place, this piece is already so heavy, I do have to be careful with the hanger. It was a hoot to make and actually finish..thinking about some yarn placemats for Christmas..


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