Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ear Warmers & A New Book

This has been the year for ear warmers. I started making them and just couldn't stop. Fun and quick, that is what I was looking for and I found it on Sara's blog, "Tangled Happy" located here. I didn't use her flower though, I did my own from another pattern I found.

I made a total of 33 which was a great stash buster. No two are alike and I used buttons from my collection.


I left both of my girls pick out one. The rest I will give as gifts or maybe sell, depending on who is interested. I do have an Etsy shop but never opened it up. Maybe I will open it before the new year. We will see what happens.

I loved making these. They were so much fun. One led to another and before I knew it I had a bunch.

Now that I have them out of my system, for awhile, I will finish up the baby sweater and bonnet that are to go with the bobble heart baby blanket.

When that is completed I will start joining Mom's blanket. I know all you guys are sick of hearing my procrastinating ways, but this time I will be true to my word and just get it done.


I have a mile long list of things I want to do. This new year I hope to do some quilting. I bought this beautiful quilt book from Lori Holt whose blog "Bee In My Bonnet" can be found here. I'm not sure if this is Lori's first book, but she has her own company. She sells patterns and has many tutorials posted on her pages. The book can be purchased from her. It arrived in excellent time. It is a keeper!

This rainy and cold evening I was invited by my friend Rhonda to attend an auction for the School of Hope. As usual, I forgot my camera. I did bid on a couple of items and won them both. More on that next time. Hope all of you are doing well ♥


  1. The earwarmers are beautiful! I make oodles! They are my best seller! Can't wait to see your Moms blanket! And I need to get that book too. I follow her blog as well.
    I aim to do more quilting in the new year!
    XO Kris

  2. Hi Susanne, goodness sakes you're a crocheting queen! So many head warmers, what are you going to do with them all? OK, you have to sew your mom's blanket together.. use the Nike slogan.. "Just Do It!" I can't wait to see it done. Can't wait to see your auction wins! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I love your ear warmers, they look soft and cozy. Great book, I wish I had the patience to quilt, I don't and that is fine but I do have a bit of quilt making jealousy of those of you who can make them. Hugs to you Susanne, have a wonderful weekend and stay warm.

  4. I like all of your headbands that you made. Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern - I might make a couple for gifts. :)

  5. You have certainly been very busy. I too have got a list of things to do already for next year mostly still in the planning stage within my little head at the moment though.

  6. I've had my eye on that pattern too! I love what you've made! And they are instant gratification! I need to get with it! Don't you love Sara and all the beauties she shares? Bless her for finding all the goodies for us! Hugs, Annette

  7. I love the colorful earwarmers Susanne. Sorry, but I can't figure out which pattern you used. Can you help me out?


    1. You can go directly to the pattern here....

  8. Wow! You've really been busy with making all those ear warmers. It is fun when we find a pattern we really like isn't it? I am that way with knitted dishcloths. I make a lot and I enjoy doing it. It is kind of like meditation for me. Though I haven't made any for a long while as these days I am quilting and making my hexagonal throw. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xx

  9. I just wanted to add that I found the ear warmer pattern by way of Sara's blog which is Tangled Happy. She has a post on it that she dated Friday November 1st, but actually November 1st is a Thursday, but no can link to it from that post or just use the above address that I put in the reply to Linda. Sorry I guess my directions were a bit confusing. I musta needed another cuppa coffee when I posted that.

  10. Oh Susanne, these are so adorable!!! xoxo


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