Monday, September 16, 2013

New Blanket/Afghan & Future Giveaway

Howdy everyone. You may recall that I mentioned I was going to make a blanket or afghan for my brother Mike. Somewhere in that declaration I mentioned the word bobbles. So, I dig around in the millions of patterns I have, plus the new ones I especially ordered awhile back just to make something with bobbles. My intentions were good, but alas, 3 times I attempted to get the chain count right and messed it up, mainly coming up short by the first row of bob bob bobbly bobs. I was just about to the point of ripping out my hair.

Enough was enough and so I decided that when I have a spare week (or 2), I would work on figuring out how to increase the pattern because after all, I wanted it to be bigger than the average blanket. 
Somewhere in my pea brain I just wasn't getting it! A gal can only take so much chain counting, and bobbles do take a bit more time. 

My mom's AF motifs are now in a Walmart bag, lol, just waiting for me to get the itch to start joining them. Mike's birthday is around the first part of October so right now it is the perfect excuse to hold off a bit on hers and continue with his. 

I have been cleaning house in expectation of my friend from Florida coming to spend a couple of days visiting. It seems I have worked myself into a frenzy for nothing. She is now in Knoxville visiting another friend, will come to the Cincinnati area in a couple of days to spend time with her family member and will make it to the Pork Festival up near Dayton by this Saturday. I have yet to decide if I will be meeting her there. She has to head back to Florida and be there by next Tuesday. I just keep thinking that if she can make it this far North, then I can go the extra mile and meet her. It has been over 20 years since I have seen her. I am suppose to be going to Florida in November to visit with her. All this planning has been going on now for over 3 months and every time I turn around the plans are changing. On the down side, I am a bit disappointed that she can't make it here to my home, on the up side my house is cleaner.

And that folks is about it for me. I do have one more thing to let you know about before I sign off for the night. I plan to have a giveaway the first of October so keep your eyes open and check back for more details. In the meantime, have a good week ♥


  1. Well, I think you are amazing for being able to crochet, Susanne! Something I can not do...

    I do hope you get to see your friend! Sad she can't make to your house but like you say, a clean house is a good thing!

  2. What a shame your friend can't come to your 'clean' home. I can imagine the work you would have put into it. I made a top with bobbles ... gee ... a looong time ago. I enjoyed it, but would never do it again. Sue

  3. Your brother's blanket is looking great. Love the color combination. Sorry about your friend not being able to stay with you, I hope you do go and see her even if it is just for the day.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Your brother is going to love his blankie! Who doesn't love a ripple?? Or a granny?? Or...

    Hope you get to see your friend! Nothing like the threat of company to get your house in order! Ha-ha.

  5. So soft blanklet and a touch of love. Expecting a friend of not meeting for 20 years is thrilled. Have a nice catch up.

  6. It is always disappointing when a friend travels so far and not that final bit to see you. I've done it myself. It is always hard as the friend to squeeze everything in, seeing sites, visiting relatives and friends too. Hopefully you will be able to go and see her and enjoy her without any clean up afterwards ;-)

  7. That is a great "guy" blanket! I know about working yourself into a frenzy getting your house ready for company and then they flake. Argh. But I do hope you get to see her - friendship is worth the effort. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I always do the cleaning frenzy! My American friend who spends half her time over here visited on Friday, we were going out for the day so she was only here for coffee but the house still got cleaned!
    Lovely man blanket.
    Carol xx


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