Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just An Update On How Boring It's Been

Here is what is new with me.......NOT MUCH! I did steal this photo of my grandson kissing his mom. I babysat for him today. He is such an angel.

On and off I am still plucking away at the weeds in the chain link fence. I am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on that job.

I finished up making the 169 African Flower motifs for my mom's blanket. I am putting it aside for a few weeks. I should have done the join-as-you-go method but like an idiot I decided I was going to hand sew all of the hexes together. That will take me at least 2 days to do. Where was my head at when I decided to go with that method? Anyways, I have completely burned myself out on it and need to clear the air. I have not decided whether to give it to her as soon as it is completed or to save it as her Christmas gift. I kinda frown on that last idea, when someone is heading for 83 years of age (in December) you don't wait to give them things. I will not be waiting too long to complete it either, it needs to be done with, once and for all.

I started an afghan for my brother Mike and his wife Faith. The reason I did this was I needed to, lol. It will be done in a cream color with a popcorn stitch design. I just wanted to get it started. I was just itching to do something else and I knew it might be dangerous to lay the AF motifs to the side in favor of this new venture. Of course I have a total of 5 younger brothers, and I'm sure if the rest of them get wind of their sister making afghan/blanket gifts, they will all want to know where theirs is.

Then I have those apple trees loaded with fruit. I would like to make a big batch of apple pie filling and freeze that. Family members love the apple jelly. That would make nice gifts at Christmas. I could do that too, but I ask myself if I am really all that ambitious???? This is the first time in over 42 years that I am not spending my summer and fall canning and freezing produce from our garden. I feel a bit at a loss not doing that, but the yard work has kept me busy all summer........I know, I know, I have whined about that practically every post.

The last 9 dead ash trees are down at last! On Saturday brother Mike and brother, Ralph, came and we finished the job. Once again I have logs in my yard waiting to be cut up, but this time I will keep them for myself. It was such a hot and humid day. We had a bon fire going to burn up the brush and smaller branches. I had us a cooler of pop and water. We were keeping well hydrated. I stayed outside 2 hours after the guys left and when I went inside I felt sick. I am sure it was heat related. I felt so grubby. We had worked over 6 hours. I got cleaned up and weighed myself. I had lost 4 pounds. My dirty clothes were soaked through with sweat.

Well, that is all for now. Not much going on except work, work, work. Oh yeah, more boring stuff.....I got a new sump pump with battery back-up and a new captive air pressure tank. I bought another dehumidifier for the basement and checking into replacing my hot water tank with a new model. The furnace will need checked before we start our heating season. is no wonder I love reading your blogs. At least I know someone out there knows how to have some fun. Hoping that next time I have some fun stuff too, hoping.....

Love you always ♥


  1. Susanne, you are so industrious! You put me to shame.. I lead a pretty laid back life. We had some tree guys come today and give us an estimate to take out a big huge birch tree that is by our pond - it's leaning over our deck and shed and the shed deck. It will be removed, limb by limb next week! Take care of yourself! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You are not boring and your post was full of news. I love the picture of your grandson and daughter, good news that the trees are down, you have some very nice brothers to help out. I put my baby african flower blanket in time out a long time ago, I have had it with that motif, so I bet you have really had it.
    Sending you a hug,

  3. Sounds like you're keeping yourself real busy - even though it's not what you'd prefer to be doing.

    For the African flowers - lay them out and sew together a few at a time. That will be less tedious than sewing them all at one time.

    Take care Susanne - and have a good day. :)

  4. Seeing your big and small angels are no boring!! Do something on and off will make things interesting.

  5. Me thinks you are working too hard Susanne!!! Hire someone to do those weeds! We only have one acre, but it is a LOT of work and upkeep. I am getting tired of doing it. I love our property, but this ol gal just ain't what she used to be!!!!
    Thank you for your kind and lovely words about my dear sweet Nana!!! She is hanging on, but I don't know how.... We will miss you so!!
    Yes, you are right, do NOT wait to give Mama her blanket!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Hi Susanne, I like reading your blog and it sounds like you are always busy. Thats a lot of hexagons! I know what you mean by needing a break from one project, probably why I tend to have several on the go. Like some have said just sew a few together at a time then set it aside, I bet she will love it! :)

  7. Hi Susanne, that is such a lovely photo of a loving moment, what a treasure.
    I agree about not waiting to give your Mama her blanket, look forward to seeing it. Completed.
    Thank you for your kind comment, our GD is staying strong. We hope next month's check up is a good one.
    Carol xx


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