Thursday, September 19, 2013

It Is A Dog's Life

 Hi there. I just got back from the beauty shop. Mom took us both and she says I am no longer stinky, that I smell like coconuts now. I don't think I smelled bad before I went. But you know how moms are.

 I don't know why he has to steal the lime light. He thinks he is top dog around here and the truth of the matter is I have been here 2 years longer than him, he is such a pain in the butt. I smell like coconuts better than he does.


 Like I said, I smell like coconuts and look at my smile will ya! Does she smile, no she doesn't, she runs off and hides. I am very photogenic. I have a bandana on too. My beautician thinks I'm special and she gave me one.

Where is that squeaky ball that he always has to grab and be such a toy hog. I bet he has even chewed out the squeaker already.

Mom bought us new treats. She said now she can eat her bag of popcorn in peace and not have to share with us. Mom had to lock him in the kitchen once because he kept jumping on her leg and almost knocked the bag of popcorn out of her hand. Chicken flavored, yummy, and I think she bought peanut butter and cheese flavored too.

There he is again. I bet he thought he heard a bag rattle and someone was eating something without him. Can he get anymore annoying than he already is! 

Now there is a pretty picture of mom's artificial flowers. She needs to put an artificial bee on them to liven them up a bit. Or maybe a real bee, that would really liven up the place.

I could swear that squeeky ball was around here some where. I bet greedy hid it from me. 

I found a popcorn crumb! I found a popcorn crumb! How did I miss that! Oh man, I'm slipping!

Boy, mom sure needs to clean up that messy roll top desk of hers! How on earth does she ever find anything in that mess? It looks like it is packed and ready to move away. And she can act like it ain't so bad, but she has another drawer in the kitchen filled with more papers and also plenty hidden in the hall closet. 

Oh boy, look at me. I tried to escape out the back door with one of my toys and mom yelled at me and told me I could NOT TAKE MY TOY OUTSIDE! So I showed her, I ran in here with my toy and refused to go out to pee. Just me and my toy, ha ha ha ha ha! I also left stuffing all over the floor in the one bedroom. Mom had to clean that up, ha ha ha ha ha!

Have a Hot Digity Dog Weekend. As for me, I am gonna go smell my buddies butt and see if she still smells like coconuts. Who knows, maybe I'll even find my squeaky toy or get a pup corn treat. Bye now ♥


  1. Toooooo cute! You're a feisty one today, Susanne! Your fur babies are are their escapades! We have a popcorn battle in this house at night too. But I am grateful for the attention of the dogs...when my hubby drops it everywhere, they clean up rapidly. They just WAIT for him to get up for his recliner so they can clean the crevices! And, believe me, there is PLENTY to clean! Ha ha Hugs to you! Annette

    1. Use to be the same way when my hubby was alive. he was a messy popcorn eater but the dogs would be like the vacuum, in fact I use to say we should have named the male dog Kerby after the vacuum cleaner. He looked more like a Kerby. Our little Trixie is too little to jump up on the furniture, but not the other one :)

  2. My dog goes to the beauty salon and never smells like coconuts when he comes home.. I need to ask them about that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I take the shampoo I bought off of "Yorkie Splash and Shine" on Facebook, I sent away for 2 bottles of shampoo, 2 bottles of conditioner and 2 bottles of de-tangler. I take it in with the dogs and the groomer uses it. They smell so good. If they are at my feet I can smell it and it lasts for many days even if they go outside they come back in and still smell good. It shines up their coats too. If you are interested I will send you the info. I don't think it would hurt to use it on other breeds of dog. You could always check with the dealer :) A Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkshire Terror as I call them sometimes lol, has hair like a human, not the usual dog fur. They are said not to shed, but that isn't true. Whomever said that needs to come and see what is in my Dyson after I vacuum. :)

  3. LOL! I'm glad you have these two cuties to keep you entertained Susanne! Where would we be without our fur-babies {{hugs}}

  4. Susanne,
    I just read the comment you left me, and I cried. I have thought about you a thousand times, since you have lost your husband. I can't even imagine how hard that must have been, and still is. I know that for my Mom, she lost the love of her life, and for us kids, we lost our hero. So I know, your loss was great.
    Your kind words regarding Nana were so nice. I have written my eulogy. I thought on it all week, and it flowed from my pen effortlessly.
    Again, thank you for your kind thoughts, and words. It means so much.
    And the afghan for your brother is just perfect!
    Doggies look good too!!
    xo Kris

  5. I love this post today, so cute. They are both adorable. My poor Max gets a bath with the hose out behind my house. Poor baby no salon for him.
    Hugs to you Susanne,

  6. Awww - I love your little doggies Susanne. They're so cute. My little Ladybug is like a vacuum cleaner too - she cleans up the floor after Tex when they have a treat. Have a great day. :)

  7. Doggies' life as yours are wonderful ! Love to read and see your smiles again, dear. Pets are loving things !

  8. Hahaha a (cute) dog's tale.
    Lovely flowers.
    Carol xx


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