Thursday, August 15, 2013

Little Bit of Whimsy, Driveway, Vaccine Reaction

I don't have a whole lot going on this year in my yard. Compared to most of you, my offerings to the blog are pretty sparse and down right pitiful. I did put out my polka dotted rooster that I got years ago at a road side stand that was located a few miles down the road. His wings move when the wind blows and he is one sweet whirly gig. He has graced our veggie garden for years. As most of you know my husband was the vegetable gardener.

These little cuties were found at Lowe's earlier this summer in a corner, stuck in with some other little sticks of whimsy. I had chosen the blue one and it didn't have a price tag so the sales girl went to look at the other 2 and they didn't have tags either so she said I could have it for a dollar. I couldn't let the other 2 just pass me by and I bought all 3. I am sure these little birdhouses will be home to the wasps someday. Too bad I didn't have a pretty flower bed planted to make them more cozy, but then again, maybe things will be different next year.

I can always depend on these cone flowers or echinacea every year and this year the bumble bees are working themselves like crazy on them. Sometimes there will be 3 bees on one flower. They are looking a bit frazzled, but more buds are getting ready to bloom.

 My hens and chicks were so pretty, pretty that is until the chipmunks decided to dig in them and hide sunflower seeds that they scavenged from the bird feeder........grrrrrrrrrr!


Today the guy came to seal my driveway. What do you know, for once something has gone as planned and I have to say he was right on the ball and got it done in good time. It took him a little over an hour.

He had a beautiful warm day and I was so pleased with his work. I am so glad this job is completed and can be marked off the "TO DO" list.

He said sometimes his wife helps him and that tomorrow they have a real big job in Sandusky and she will be there to help him. It is all good, a husband and wife who can be help mates to one another in their family business.

You can't tell it by the picture, but my yard needs mowing. I was going to mow last evening but then I would have had more grass to clean off the driveway before this asphalt sealing. I am suppose to wait about 48 hours before using the driveway. I can't run the riding mower over it and I can only bring the rider to the front yard by the big gate on the garage side of the house. The banks out by the road need to be weed eaten, my arms are always sore after that job. I try to do that every 3 weeks. Last time I ran into a black snake on the bank, YIKES! I did mow all of the back yard this afternoon. The neighbors left me park my car next door in their driveway. I just don't feel good about parking it out by the road during the night. Yesterday was garbage pick-up day and some body threw an old car battery from their vehicle at my neighbor's garbage can (the plastic one furnished to their customers) that was sitting out by the road. Not only were they dumping their garbage but they destroyed the receptacle. Why do people do that sort of thing :(

Well that is the end of the hum drum life here in Ohio, oh yeah, don't let me forget to tell you how I spent 1 week at home due to a mild reaction from the shingles vaccine. I got the shot on a Monday, broke out that Saturday, called my doc on Monday and was told it was unlikely that anyone would get chicken pox from me, but just to be on the "safe side" it would be best for me to stay away from everyone including my grandson even if he had the chicken pox vaccine, but just might get it anyways. Now I had chicken pox as a small child and my girls had them when they were in grade school and I never broke out then. Sorry, no, I do not have any pics of my itchy self. I just know I managed with some Benadryl to make it through that fun time. I still think the vaccine is a good thing. I did put that time to good use and started working on the total mess of the thing I call my bedroom closet. I worked on mom's African Flowers and so pleased to say I have only 44 more flowers to make.......there is a light at the end of that tunnel.

Hope all of you are doing well, spending time with the ones you love and doing the things that make you happy. God Bless You ♥


  1. Your driveway looks great - and the flowers that you have look nice too. I love the hens and chicks plant - they pretty much take care of themselves. I like that because I'm not a great gardening person either. My gardens have the easiest plants - hostas, vincas and cedums. I wish I lived closer to you - I'd send my son over to cut your grass. Take care Susanne. :)

  2. Your huge greenery is so pleasing. Lots works to do in summer yet blooming is lovely with buy bees. Hope you're alright now.

  3. I love your little bird houses, they were a steal at $1 each. Your driveway looks great, you will love it now that it is all smooth and wonderful. So sorry about your shingles/chicken pox break out. I had chicken pox as a 19 year old, I was so, so sick. Hugs to you,

  4. It always feels good to tick off those projects, big and small! The driveway looks great! So does the yard, and I couldn't tell it needed mowing. That looks like an awfully big job for you!
    I had shingles a couple of years ago, and it was awful! I got the vaccine this year, with no problems at all. Thank goodness. I feel for miserable to have had that reaction!
    Take care.....

  5. Now you have a nice, sealed driveway! It looks so nice and new. sorry you had a reaction to the shingles shot. I have not gotten the shingles shot but thought about doing so. Maybe I will get it next week when I go to the doctor - I sure do not want shingles!!! Your african flowers are so pretty. I keep meaning to try making one. Maybe I will put that on my to-do list!

  6. Your place looks so nice and neat.. you're a hard working woman. The driveway looks nice! I can't wait to see your Mom blanket. Sorry about the reaction, we are supposed to get our vaccine but haven't done it yet. We had a fun time at the lake.. thanks for visiting and checking out the pix! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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