Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snowy Ohio

We got the blizzard on Wednesday morning.
Right here in NW Ohio, our county right smack 
dab in the middle of it. Level 2 emergency and 
wouldn't ya know it, it was an evening when my 
husband had to have dialysis. Yes, we were forced  
to be traveling out in that after dark. 
If you have never driven in blowing snow at night 
then you don't know what it feels like when you 
arrive home and have to pry your fingers off of the 
steering wheel, your shoulders in knots.

Oh yeah, look at my little guy, he loves snow,
but I think he has had enough and wants in.

These are just some random photos of what is outside
in the back yard. The snow on the upper deck rail is 
the second assault that came in the wee hours of 
Saturday morning.

    On the right side of the deck rail is the first 
snowfall on Wednesday and the second one on 
top of that. Right below the top deck rail is the lower 
rail with all the snow intact.

Hubby's wood shop.

 Ahhhh, I opened the doors and braved the cold.
It looks like a black and white photo, but isn't, lol.

  There now, a better snapshot.

A view of the neighbor's house, now empty.
They moved and used it as a rental. Now it is 
for sale and belongs to the bank. 

 The front walk.

Our house. I had to get to the mailbox across the road,
so I shoveled my way there. I did get the snow blower 
going and got most of it cleaned off the driveway
then finished up with the shovel.   

 A view of the side yard and the Norway Spruces we planted 
on the property line over 30 years ago.

Looking down the road.

Looking up the road from the end of our driveway. 

Another view of our Norway Spruce pines on 
the property line.

I don't think this truck is going anywhere for 
quite some time. I cleaned most of the snow off of it 
the other day. Couldn't reach the very top or the center 
of the windshield.

We got another inch or so yesterday, and once again 
we were out traveling in it, not by choice. 
I have cleaned the driveway 2 times.
The snow has been wet and if you drive over it 
and it freezes you have an icy mess.
 I have another 1-2 inches to shovel again today. 
I am already sick of snow.

Before I wrap up this post I just wanted to touch on 
something that saddens me. A few of my blogger 
friends are no longer interested in some 
of the things that they once enjoyed.
Each one is unique in their own way and 
I love their blogs because of it.
In a way I miss them, and yet I know they 
have to do what is right for them.
I hope they find some happiness and peace 
in this new year.

        ♥God Bless Us All        


  1. Wow! Now that is a snow storm!!!! Beautiful, but so much nicer if you could stay inside!!!!
    I have had to drive in a snowstorm once, coming home from the mountains! I was terrified!!!!
    Stay in, and stay warm. I so loved your photos!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Snow is lovely - if you don't need to go out, have supplies and a good heating system.It must have been very hard having to drive but you obviously had to make the journey. Hope the snow doesn't stay around you for too long.
    What has saddened me re blogs is that some I have enjoyed following just stopped, a couple gave reasons, others just don't post, removed blogs or closed them. Obviously their 'right' to do that, just feels like I lost some good friends. I know this has affected how much I read or post myself.
    Carol xx

  3. Hi Susanne, your snow is gorgeous! My daughter is in Centerville and has snow too. I'm sending healing energy for your husband. I get sad when my blog friends lose interest in it as I love reading what they are up to. Some think that if they had a special interest, such as crochet, that their readers will lose interest if they don't crochet enough - that puts a pressure on them to crochet - thereby they start to resent the very thing they loved. I started my blog with a crochet theme, but soon realized that I don't produce enough to make it my central theme. So, I took off the "crochet" in my title and now I call it a "lifestyle" blog. I share lots of different things. I have no plans to quit blogging.. so don't worry about losing me! :-)

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I am not fond of driving in the snow, although when I lived in Michigan it did not faze me at all. Now I would be all tense and crazy about it, living in Florida will make you lose your northern toughness. I am sure my son is freezing his toes off in Columbus, they have a lot of snow, too. Susanne, I am saddened when my blog friends leave and you never hear from them again. You wonder how they are, what happened, etc. I guess that is just part of this experience. Hang in there in that winter wonderland.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Love the snow pics.


  6. Susanne, it's always lovely to read your blog, no matter what you're talking about. The winter views really fresh to me who lives in the sub-tropical region. Believe you feel cozy with loved ones around the house. I've the same feeling for those bloggers once I met online and read their posts but somehow they stopped writing. A bit sad or miss them.

  7. Hi Suzanne. The snow is so beautiful ! Like the seasons, we bloggers come and go, stay a while or for just a short visit . .. sometimes life just gets in the way. Cheer up, they may return. Sending you sunshine happy thoughts for a warm snuggly day!


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