Sunday, December 16, 2012

OSU Baby Blanket & Gift, Thoughts

On Friday evening I finished up the Ohio State baby hat and blanket for Amy who is expecting her first grandchild in 2013.

I think they turned out pretty good and I hope she likes them.

 Yesterday my good friend Debbie came over for a few hours and we played cards. She brought me this beautiful tree ornament. The photo does not show all the sparkle.

I guess it is fitting, this pair of angel wings because for the past few days I have had constant thoughts of all those little angels in Connecticut who never harmed anyone and how their short lives are now over and how their families are now suffering a loss that is so horrific it can not be put into words. 

As a parent of 2 daughters it brings me back to a time when my children were small and so full of life. I recall how they could not wait to go to kindergarten and play with all their new friends.

To have lost either one of them would have ripped my heart out. We live in a small rural community where farming is a big deal and where you believe it is a safe place to raise your kids and send them off on the bus to school. The most you had to worry about was some nicks and scrapes acquired on the playground. 

People claim God is no longer in the schools, maybe not in prayer, but think again, God is everywhere and so is the devil. The picture I posted was a week before our youngest started school. She was our kindergartener. Our oldest was going to start 2nd grade. Like I said, to have lost either one would have ripped my heart out. My thoughts and prayers are for the parents and friends of the lost.
I truly believe God has taken back his angels.
I just wish it all made sense to understand why in such a tragic way.



  1. Susanne, that hat and blanket are awesome. I'm with you on the thoughts about the children. It's broken my heart. Hugs, T

  2. Susanne, I so agree with you, such a horrible tragedy..... really there are no words, love the hat and blanket, your OHIO State fans will be thrilled.

  3. {{hugs}} I love the angel wings, Susanne. Yes, very sad about the Connecticut tragedy. so unnecessary, too :0( May the Lord comfort those who have lost their beloved ones.

    Lovely hat and blanket BTW. Thinking of you,
    love Julia

  4. Hi Susanne, my daughter would love the hat and scart - one of her favourite colour combos.

    I'd admire anyone who can knit, and actually finish it.

    May the peace of God be with you and your family this week.


  5. Very sweet hat and blanket. Lovely and festive Christmas color. My heart also goes to the families in the tragedy. May the victims rest in God's arms and my prayers to the families.

  6. Being from Ohio and a Buckeye fan I love the little hat and blanket! Great job! Words can not express that sadness I feel about the tragedy....just terrible. ~hugs, Patti


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