Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heat Wave and Baby Blankets

 I hope you are all staying cool and have managed to
make it through this ungodly sweltering heat wave.
I am not a lover of hot weather. Give me the days with 
temps in the 70's and I am a happy camper.
I started cleaning the garage about 2+ weeks ago and then 
the thermometer began it's rise and I dropped
what I was doing and became a house cat playing
with some balls of yarn (right up my alley I do declare).
It was the perfect excuse to make a baby blanket,
then one thing led to another and it was 2 blankets, 
and soon there was 3, 4, and now I am on number 5.

 Oh yeah, I know I have been procrastinating, 
how many times have I said I was gonna do this, 
and then turned around and claimed I was gonna do that.
Now look at me, up to my eyeballs in baby yarn 
and loving every minute of it.

There is no rhyme or reason to how I placed these photos.
Actually I started making the small ripple on the far right 
(the pic of the 3 ripples) as the very first one. 
Then the one in the middle was the next and the lavender 
and white was the 3rd.
The picture above and below (given as a gift) is the next one,
a simple big granny square made from a variegated 
baby pastels knitting worsted weight yarn.

 I added a simple double crochet border in the chain spaces between the groups of 3 double crochet on the last round.
The border goes like this: 
ch3 (counts as 1dc) then 3 more dc in same space, *slip 
stitch in 2nd dc of previous row, 4dc in next chain space*.
Repeat * to * until you get to corner ch2 space. Put 
5 dc in that space and continue on as before 
along 2nd side of blanket. 
Repeat 5dc in next corner, 
carry on to 3rd corner, repeating same 5dc in corner. 
Commence to end and attach. 
As you can all see, I am a very skilled pattern writer, lol,
and I highly doubt that some crochet magazine is gonna
snatch up my pattern cause it is probably one 
that has been published or at least every 
person with hook in hand has concocted this same 
easy peasy border when just goofing off. I recently
bought a book of borders from Amazon, and unfortunately I
just wasn't too impressed with all the elaborate 
samples in the book. I am a simple gal who likes
simple things.

 Now, I am really in love with this baby granny. The yellow
and pinks are all sport weight baby yarns from Bernat.
The white is Teddy brand fingering yarn that I purchased from a seller from England (she has a store on Ebay found here). 
I doubled stranded the
fingering yarn to bulk it up a bit to go with the 
Bernat yarns. I love how the darker pink has that 
sparkle to it, and the pinks just yell at me, BABY GIRL!
Since I used all these yarns from my stash I was not sure 
about the number with pink I would have for 
the layout. So I got some graph paper
and will figure something out.
I may have to make some plain white blocks to fill in
to make enough for a decent size blanket. 
So, that is what I am up to on these hot days and nights.
It did get cooler, in the 80's this next 7 days or so.
We will freeze to death now, lol, and maybe
I can get that garage back in shape.
It is long overdue.


  1. Everyone is making blankets in all that heat. What is up with you all? I guess it is a good time to get some indoor projects done with a little AC running.

  2. I love all your blankets! I, too, love to make baby things with baby yarn. So adorable! I hope things cool down for you soon. It's been unbearably hot here, too, and I am so ready for cooler weather!

    Blessings - Julie

  3. Beautiful blankets! Especially love the granny with the pinks and yellow. Absolutely gorgeous. It will be magnificent when all put together. I think I need to have one of these on my to do list. Have a lovely day.

  4. Wow - you've been very busy Susanne. I'm lovin' all the baby blankets - they're all very pretty. The border on your granny blanket looks perfect. Hope you have a good day today. :)

  5. When the heat rises your hands get busy that is for sure. I think it is definitely cooler here in Florida even thought the humidity is through the roof. I love easc and every thing you have made, very lovely. Baby yarn is so nice and soft to work with, it is very therapeutic. Hope the temps cool off soon for you and the rest of the country, as for us we will be like this until the end of October, wah!

  6. Crocheted baby blankets are always sweet and soft. This pink one with the "shining" yarn and yellow is more than lovely.


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