Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Singing the Blues & Granny Returns

It was an overwhelming vote that Holden's sweater 
should have the blue buttons.
I got them sewn on last evening.
I promised info on this sweater pattern, so here goes.....
I found the pattern on Ravelry. 
It is called BABY SOPHISTICATE by Linden Heflin. 
(She also lists it under the name Linden Down).  
It is a free Ravelry download.
I chose 1 skein of RH Super Saver
worsted weight in the color Blue Tones from my stash.
I picked this color because it reminded me of denim 
and blue jeans, just right for a little boy.
I am a bit of a tight knitter and my gauge was a bit smaller 
using the size 8 US 24" circular knitting needle. It also requires 
size 8 US double point needles for doing the sleeves,
 4 stitch markers, tapestry needle and 4 buttons.
I made the 6-12 months size and it required just
under 1 whole skein. Take it from me, this is a relatively
fast project. I am a slow knitter and it took 
me 3-4 days to make. 
There are also instructions for size 0-3 months.
Would I make this sweater again, YES!
Another plus is that there are NO seams 
to sew up on this sweater. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Then my friend Debbie asked me to make her a
large granny blanket trimmed out in gold,
just like the one I made about 2 years ago.
So the baby sweater was my "portable"
project and the granny was my stay-at-home 
and "don't waste time while watching tv" project.

Once again I was digging around in my stash of yarns.
The pattern is your basic granny, 2 rows of each color,
till you have a total of 10 rounds. 
Then go around each square with 2 rows 
of the color you want as the border.
Make 25 squares (5 across x 5 down). 
I then went around the entire blanket with a single 
crochet border, putting 1 stitch in each double crochet and
3 single crochets in the 4 corners. Where the squares
are joined there are 2 corner spaces 
butting up next to each other and I put 1 single 
crochet in one space and skipped over the joining seam 
and put another single crochet into the next space.
It is not rocket science, and you will not be
a drooling idiot when doing this border.

You can join the completed squares by several methods.
Myself, I prefer hand stitching using a tapestry needle.
I know this is the most time consuming way,
but I don't like having a seam that has a ridge.
I have done both methods and I am sure there are some join-as-you-go instructions out there as well.
My only flat surface to sew a large blanket together
 is my kitchen table. It took me about 9 hours total.
You can believe me when I say there were times I thought
my hind end had adhered itself to the hard wooden chair. 
By the time I had gotten 6 seams done I headed for bed, 
only to start up again the very next morning.

 This blanket may be going to Georgia. 
My friend has not decided yet whether she will 
give it as a gift to her dil or keep it for herself, lol.
All I can say is that there is more of where this came from.
I have made at least 6 of these large grannies 
over the years and no 2 were alike. 
They are a fast project and portable as long as 
you are still making the squares. 
It is a great stash buster and
uses up smaller amounts of yarns.

I can lay these 2 projects to rest, how satisfying
to have completed them.
My next project is to make Meghan's t-shirt quilt.
She has been patiently waiting.
Until then, I am off and running.
Hope all of you are well and having some fun.
Take care lovelies.


  1. The sweater looks great! And I love that blanket! I'm not usually a gold girl, but I REALLY like those colors!

  2. Oh looks FABULOUS Susanne! I do so like it with the blue buttons :0)

    wow...that's a lot of crocheting (I wish I could crochet)...all the best with piecing them together. Ridges in the seams would annoy me too.

  3. Love the little sweater - the blue buttons look perfect on it and it will look adorable on Holden.

    Love the granny blanket too. I know what you mean about sewing the squares together - I sewed the squares of my 'blogging friends granny square blanket' together and it definately took forever. :)

  4. Wow, you have been so busy. The sweater is adorable and I bet your friend loves the blanket. I am joining squares as I go with the vest I am making, and sewing every single end in when I am finished with a square, it is time consuming but worth it. Hope all is well at your house,
    Hugs to you,

  5. Very cute. Finally found a moment to post where I've been. Glad to have popped by to see what I've been missing. Have a great MD weekend, remember it's your time so celebrate wisely.

  6. I just found you and I am your newest follower. I love your granny squares. I am trying to learn how to crochet grannies and have been watching youtube tutorials, but they still don't look like they should. I'm going to keep at it though. Stop by and visit me sometime. Our front gate is always open.

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Holden will have lots of sweater and anything from you. The sweaters you made are perfect and so lovely for the little angel. The granny squares are pretty and made of lots of love.


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